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Date Established 10/2019
Founder Sophie Austin, Ephraim Austin
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Press Contact Sophie Austin


Ziggy Lloyd's limited edition collection of men's coats are classic and timeless, with a contemporary twist. The magic behind their wool coats and jackets are in the feel, look and texture of every piece. Each garment is crafted from high quality, sustainable materials, where every detail tells a story. From the luscious alpaca fleece once worn by the Incan nobility in Peru, to the handmade buttons that come from the tagua nut indigenous to Ecuador - each one of their original lining artwork changes with every annual edition, designed exclusively for Ziggy Lloyd by a collaborating artist.

Made in limited batches in an atelier just outside of Lisbon, Portugal by an experienced team of tailors, Ziggy Lloyd's coat designs reflect how we think life should be lived: with purpose and personality.

Founding Story

Ziggy Lloyd was conceived by Ephraim and Sophie, a free-spirited, fashion-loving couple who met in Buenos Aires, Argentina - a city they called home for many years. They bonded over a shared passion for Malbec wine, hosting costume parties and unique fashion. During their time in South America, they were struck by the local artisan workmanship and the continent’s unique materials, in particular the incredible softness and warmth of baby alpaca wool. And so, combining their backgrounds in fashion and finance, Ephraim and Sophie decided to create a new luxury line of men’s wool coats using unique, sustainable materials and expert craftsmanship, made with plenty of personality.

Ephraim and Sophie travelled across Bolivia and Peru on a quest to source the highest quality alpaca fabric, encountering breathtaking views of the Andes along the way. They relished the good (rooftop bars with volcano views), endured the bad (freezing cold 4am bus rides) and stayed calm in the face of the ugly (corrupt officials) all in the name of the end game: finding the softest alpaca wool they had ever felt.

Ephraim and Sophie now live in Lisbon with their daughter Luna where they are inspired by the city’s bright colors and the Portuguese craftsmen who breathe life into their men's coat designs.

Team Bios

Ephraim Austin


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In a past life, Ephraim worked as an investment banker and venture capitalist but fashion was always an interest to him and he had a weakness for men's coats. Too much time spent in an office led Ephraim to travel the world and he ended up moving to Buenos Aires, where he met Sophie not long after and they decided that they wanted to create something together.

Originally from the UK, Sophie previously worked as a fashion journalist and costume stylist in Shanghai for five years before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010 and founding her own personal shopping business, showcasing her clients the best of the local design scene. While Sophie was there, she became inspired to channel her passion for unique design into forming her own fashion brand. Together with her husband Ephraim, they decided to create something special for the modern man out of the unique natural fibers of the alpaca that they fell in love with during their adventures through South America.


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