Zack’s Mighty Launches the Most Unique Tortilla Chips on the Market Made with heirloom flint corn and using organic & regenerative farming practices, Zack’s Mighty Tortilla Chips are delicious chips that won’t break in your favorite dips.
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, JULY 19, 2021 - Making their official media debut this month, Zack’s Mighty is on a mission to create delicious tortilla chips that don’t break in guacamole. While they are a new company, old heirloom corn and an old authentic tortilla-first chip process allow their unique chips to transport dips from bowl-to-mouth ZM in one tasty piece. Customers can find Zack’s Mighty Tortilla Chips on and nationwide in Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Wegmans, among other specialty stores.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Zack's Mighty was founded by Zack Gazzaniga. Zack believes that there are two types of people in this world, those that like tortilla chips and those that freaking love tortilla chips. Since tortilla chips are his favorite food, Zack has been a long term member of the latter group. However, as much as he loved tortilla chips, he HATED when they broke. So, he set out to create delicious tortilla chips that don’t break in guacamole. In order to fulfill the two pillars of deliciousness and sturdiness that he knew a successful Tortilla Chip would require, Zack and his team traveled down an unexpected path of farming and production.

First focusing on taste, the Zack’s Mighty team knew that they had to source the right type of corn, which led them to Flint Corn. This type once grew widely across North America in the late 19th century but quickly grew sparse as farmers started focusing on cheaper and less flavorful Dent Corn. In 2019, Zack traveled to Italy to acquire enough Otto File Flint Corn (a very flavorful variety of Flint Corn now mostly grown in Italy for polenta), to start planting his own crops here. Now, Zack’s Mighty is one of the largest growers of Flint Corn in the US. Their farms use Regenerative Organic practices - improving soil health through crop rotations and sequestering carbon through cover cropping.

Using their newly sourced Flint Corn, they began to focus on the production process. Through their research, they came to the conclusion that in order to guarantee the sturdiest chips possible, they had to stay true to the traditional tortilla-first process. While many tortilla brands on the market are not actually made from tortillas but rather cut straight from masa, Zack’s Mighty sticks to the traditional method by first creating tortillas and then cutting each into triangles to form the individual chips. Their combination of Flint Corn and tortilla-first production process has allowed them to create a chip that fulfills its ultimate destiny - to successfully transport dip from bowl-to-mouth ZM, in one piece.

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