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Date Established 06/2024
Founder GenCanna
Headquarters None
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail


YAY! is a brand new, pioneering brand dedicated to transforming sexual wellness and self-care with all-natural, plant-based solutions. Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace their intimate health with confidence and joy, breaking down societal taboos and promoting holistic wellness. YAY! products blend playfulness with the healing essence of nature to turn everyday moments into joyful celebrations of well-being, supporting a holistic approach to health that includes physical, mental, and sexual wellness. Our products are meticulously crafted with carefully sourced, all-natural ingredients known for their potent benefits. Whether it’s supporting restorative sleep, zestful awakenings, focused energy, poised serenity, or vibrant intimacy, YAY! has you covered. With a commitment to purity and quality, YAY! invites you to infuse every moment with an exclamation of joy.

Founding Story

Born from a desire to ignite a sense of wonder and excitement in daily life, YAY! was established to cater to consumers seeking to explore, excite, and discover holistic wellness. We believe in the power of joy and the value it brings to everyday routines, offering products that enhance experiences rather than just supplement them. Our mission is to help everyone find delight in the little things, transforming mundane moments into joyful celebrations of well-being.


Sex for Her Gummies
Sex for Her Gummies $39.99
Sex for Him Gummies
Sex for Him Gummies $39.99
Beauty Boost Gummies
Beauty Boost Gummies $39.99
Drift & Dream Gummies
Drift & Dream Gummies $39.99
Mojo Mind Gummies
Mojo Mind Gummies $49.99
EmpowerMint Extra Strength Tincture
EmpowerMint Extra Strength Tincture $49.99
Calm & Centered Softgels
Calm & Centered Softgels $49.99
Dreamy Drops Tincture
Dreamy Drops Tincture $29.99

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