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Date Established 11/2020
Founder Anastasia Alt, Karalyn Zamora
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Press Contact Karalyn Zamora


The Yana Pillow
The Yana Pillow $199.00


The Yana Sleep Pillow is more than an upgrade to the traditional pillow; it’s a 360* revision of old-school sleep routines. Made from organic shredded latex that keeps it shape, night after night, Yana contours to the body, relieves tension in knees & joints, and promotes deep, transformative rest. Designed to fit comfortably in a queen bed with one to two people, this pillow is worth the extra real estate in the bedroom and well-positioned to reimagine REM routines everywhere. 

Bridging the divide between sleep science & sleep art, the Yana team has solved customers’ most common sleep style needs. Yana’s all-natural cover (organic cotton and Bamboo velour) stays cool and comfortable through the night and its U-shaped pillow adapts energizing ergonomics, previously reserved for pregnancy pillows, into a versatile product that fits all lifestyles and sleep styles.  

Founding Story

Veteran entrepreneurs, Anastasia Alt and Karalyn Zamora, from the teams that brought you Gravity Blanket and Recoop, have a penchant for creating products that empower peak performance. Yana Sleep was a natural extension, as the rest one gets tonight sets the pace for tomorrow.  


Anastasia Alt


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Anastasia Alt is a seasoned entrepreneur who designs and launches powerful products (from Recoop to recently launched Yana Sleep) that support mindful, peak-performance lifestyles. After graduating from Columbia University and working at Mckinsey, Anastasia traded in corporate protocol for the space to bring bold ideas to life. A born entrepreneur, Anastasia brings sharp business acumen and a penchant for out-of-the-box thinking to each new project she works on. 

Karalyn Zamora


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Karalyn Zamora gets her energy for life from a great night sleep. An entrepreneur and marketing maven, Karalyn has an eye for innovative product opportunities and the know-how to share these products with hundreds of thousands of customers. After launching Gravity Blanket’s paid acquisition marketing strategy and founding the wellness supplement brand Recoop, Karalyn is on a mission to grow an equally devoted (and well-rested) community behind her new brand Yana Sleep.




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