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Date Established 01/2011
Founder Matteo Gottardi
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Efia Bethel


Wrinkle-Free Performance Dress Shirt
Wrinkle-Free Performance Dress Shirt $98.00
The Reworked Shirt
The Reworked Shirt $98.00
Khat Texture Knit Blazer
Khat Texture Knit Blazer $298.00
Khat Texture Knit Pants
Khat Texture Knit Pants $128.00
Olana Plaid Knit Blazer
Olana Plaid Knit Blazer $298.00
Olana Plaid Knit Pants
Olana Plaid Knit Pants $128.00
Solid Mesh Hooded Jacket
Solid Mesh Hooded Jacket $148.00


Function and mobility in clothing are at the core of W.R.K’s operation. Their focus is on merging functional design details with contemporary styling to create clothing that is multi-purpose, comfortable, and compatible for men to thrive in work and life.

At W.R.K they take a different view. They believe a man is not defined by his clothing. They believe a man is made by their integrity, passions, and the manner in which they lives his life. Who they are defines their choice of wardrobe, not the other way around. Life makes the man. W.R.K makes clothes for life. 

Founding Story

Based in New York City, W.R.K breathes the energy of this pulsating city of movement & progress. Born in Italy but educated in NYC, their founder Matteo Gottardi, created the W.R.K brand in 2011 from his philosophy of purposeful design: bridging functionality with aesthetics where neither aspect is compromised but rather, both work together.

Since their launch, W.R.K has been sold at major retailers including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Men’s Wearhouse.




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