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Date Established 04/2022
Founder Alicia mejia
Headquarters Las Vegas, NV
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Alicia Mejia


The Worldwide Love Story is a love-centric platform of user-generated, location-based love stories on a mission to raise the vibration of love on the planet, one love story at a time.

Where were you when you fell in love? Where will you be?

The Worldwide Love Story is a place for lovers of love, and the love-curious. It's a place for those who have yet to find love to find inspiration, for those who are in love to share their stories, and for those who have loved and lost to preserve what was. The Worldwide Love Story is putting love on the map!

Founding Story

While working in the wedding industry in the wedding capital of the world—Las Vegas, NV—Alicia Mejia went through a breakup of epic proportions.

Standing on the sidelines trying to keep her broken heart together, she watched magnificent, thoughtful and often simple displays of love wondering, How have all these people been able to figure out love and I haven’t?

Outfitted with a camera and tasked with collecting well-wishes for the happy couples on their big day, Alicia slowly began to ask the coupled attendees if they had any advice for the newlyweds instead.

Exhausted, heartbroken and burned out, a friend invited her on a staycation. It was then, asleep in a castle on the Las Vegas Strip, that she was startled awake with the epiphany that would become the heartbeat of the Worldwide Love Story: It’s about the story.

Curious, Alicia began reaching out to couples asking if they would be willing to be interviewed about their love story.

She believed if people were willing to share their experiences, hope would be given to those who had yet to find love, inspiration would be given to those going through a rough patch, and a place to preserve what was would be given to those who had loved and lost.

And what happened next was incredible. Every couple she approached, save one, said yes.

The stories were magical, heartbreaking, surprising, and incredibly moving.

It was then that she realized it was time to make both the love stories, and the ability to share them, accessible on a larger level.

Since that time, the Worldwide Love Story has evolved into a love-centric platform of user-generated, location-based, collaborative love stories, offering community, connection & hope. A place for those who love love, the love-curious, and the people who love them… to interact with love in a new way.

Imagine if Humans of New York and Google Maps had a love child - it would be the Worldwide Love Story.

A place to drop a pin on the map for where you were when you realized you loved your person.

A place to honor milestones.

A place to find love landmarks.

A place to keep love top of mind.

And a place to raise the vibration of love on the planet.



Worldwide Love Story App
Worldwide Love Story App

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