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Date Established 07/2013
Founder Luke Winter
Headquarters Chico
Press Contact Luke Winter


WOODZEE | Our Story

Welcome to WOODZEE, where modernity meets classic styles with a unique twist. We pride ourselves on keeping things fresh and on-trend while prioritizing exceptional customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has led us to create our beneficial Recycle Program.

The Recycle Program ensures customer happiness by providing them with a great product that won't end up in landfills. Instead, we utilize recycled materials for free repairs, allowing us to reduce waste and promote sustainability. With this program, we combine style and environmental responsibility, offering stylish sunglasses that make a positive impact.

Our slogan, "Style & Nature," encapsulates our dedication to creating fashionable eyewear while considering the planet. At WOODZEE, we strive to utilize renewable materials in our products. From our recycled paper stock packaging to our brushed cotton soft pouches and natural plant-based plastics, we always keep our environmental impact in mind during production.

Woodzee products are proudly designed in California, inspired by the vibrant and diverse locations that define the Golden State. Each style is named after a specific location, capturing the unique feel and experience of each place. This approach allows us to create sunglasses that embody the spirit and essence of California.

Join us on our journey to combine style and nature and make a positive impact on the world. At WOODZEE, we believe fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Experience the perfect fusion of style, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness with WOODZEE Sunglasses.

WOODZEE | Style & Nature

Founding Story

WOODZEE was founded by Luke Winter, a passionate entrepreneur with a deep love for creativity and design. Luke's journey in the retail industry began in 2003 when he owned a fashion clothing boutique. During his day off on Sundays, he started WOODZEE sunglasses as a creative outlet to fulfill his desire for innovative and stylish eyewear.

In the early days, WOODZEE launched three distinct sunglass designs that utilized natural materials, mainly wthe ood. This unique combination of nature-inspired elements and contemporary design gave birth to "WOODZEE." The brand quickly gained traction and captured Luke's full-time attention and commitment in 2013.

Since then, WOODZEE has expanded its collection to include over 30 different sunglass d featuring the use of natural materials. These materialsotherwisef om "bio-acetate," otherwise known as plant fiber-based plastics that naturally biodegrade to authentic recycled skateboard decks. Each pair of WOODZEE sunglasses crafted from these raw materials becomes a truly special and one-of-a-kind accessory that sets it apart from other offerings in the market.

Among WOODZEE's most notable successes are its recycled skateboard sunglasses. Woodzee is the only company that collects authentic skateboards and transforms them into unique and distinctive sunglasses. No two pairs are alike, as the wear and tear, graphics, and colors of each collected skateboard cannot be replicated. This attention to detail and craftsmanship has made Woodzee's recycled skateboard sunglasses truly one-of-a-kind.

In line with WOODZEE's company commitment to sustainability, the brand now utilizes plant-based biodegradable plastics. These materials offer the best of both worlds: exceptional quality and durability while minimizing the ecological impact. Woodzee strives to create products that not only look good but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

At WOODZEE, we believe that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. We are dedicated to producing eyewear that not only reflects your unique fashion sense but also supports the environment. With our commitment to creativity, innovation, and eco-conscious practices, we aim to provide sunglasses that make a positive impact. Our company slogan that succinctly describes our sustainable goals as well as our passion for fashion is Style & Nature.

Join us on our journey to combine style, sustainability, and unmatched craftsmanship. Choose WOODZEE and experience eyewear that embodies our passion for design, natural materials, and environmental responsibility.

WOODZEE | Style & Nature


Recycled Skateboard Sunglass
Recycled Skateboard Sunglass $100.00
Hollywood $100.00
Bel-Air $100.00
Coronado $100.00
Fairfax $100.00
Wilshire $100.00
Imperial $100.00
Napa $100.00

Team Bios

Luke Winter, the founder, has been involved in the retail industry since 2003. He started as a proprietor of a fashion clothing boutique and started Woodzee sunglasses on his day off on Sundays to satisfy his need for creativity & design. He launched the brand with three different sunglass designs that utilized natural materials like wood, hence Woodzee.

Soon after, Woodzee became a full-time passion and business in 2013. Since then, Woodzee has created over 30 designs that utilize natural materials. Examples of the raw materials used to make sunglasses have included: recycled wine/whiskey/tequila barrel staves and authentic recycled skateboard decks to create unique and special sunglasses, not like any other offerings.

Woodzee has had its most tremendous success with recycled skateboard sunglasses. It is the only company to collect authentic skateboards and then transform them into truly one-of-a-kind sunglasses as each one is different. The recycled skateboard sunglasses are impossible to duplicate as each board collected cannot replicate the usage and look.

Currently, Woodzee is utilizing plant-based plastics that are biodegradable that possess the best of both worlds in terms of high quality and durability. In keeping with the company's commitment to producing products that look good yet are the best option for sustainability to do its part to have the most negligible impact on ecology.





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