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Wooden Spoon Herbs

Functional, organic, herbal blended wellness products


Date Established 12/2014
Founder Lauren Haynes
Headquarters Cloudland, Georgia
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Chelsie Kern


Mushroom Cocoa
Mushroom Cocoa $38.00
Aller-Ease Tonic
Aller-Ease Tonic $36.00
Herbal Coffee
Herbal Coffee $38.00
Aphrodisia Tonic
Aphrodisia Tonic $36.00
Anxiety Ally Tonic
Anxiety Ally Tonic $36.00
Light Ray Tonic
Light Ray Tonic $42.00
Rose-Colored Glasses Daily Mood Tonic
Rose-Colored Glasses Daily Mood Tonic $36.00
Mushroom Magic Daily Balance Tincture
Mushroom Magic Daily Balance Tincture $36.00


Launched in 2014, Wooden Spoon Herbs is the herbalist founded company that taps into the healing properties of nature, striving to create a range of healing solutions for the many discomforts we face in our everyday lives. From anxiety and migraines, to menstrual cramps and achy joints, Wooden Spoon Herbs uses the power of plants and the healing properties of herbs, to give our bodies and minds the boost it occasionally needs.

At Wooden Spoon Herbs, Earth is always at the core. Like most health-conscious consumers, founder and herbalist, Lauren Haynes, has always found nourishment in nature. Her search for deeply sustaining wild foods evolved into an obsession with functional herbalism. This meant wellness from the Earth, for the people.

Wooden Spoon Herbs strives to reconnect people with nature by creating a line of functional herbal blended wellness products that offer a gentle, full-spectrum healing - capable of replenishment and renewal on all levels.

Founding Story

Seeded in Lauren's Tennessee kitchen and nourished on the teachings of herbalist hippies, Wooden Spoon Herbs started when founder, Lauren Haynes, discovered her passion for medicinal plants. In the midst of learning about wild foods like nettle, dandelion and violet leaf, she started noticing that so many of these hyper-nutritive food sources were also... medicinal? Lauren dove in head first, clearing the shelves at her local used book store and began absorbing this new-founded herbal world like a sponge. 

After absorbing every bit of back-to-the-land wisdom Lauren could find, she hit the books at the Appalachian Center for Natural Health. Three years on everything herbalism: from cellular biology to energetic flower essences, folk healing to clinical studies, anatomy, physiology to phytochemistry, traditional knowledge and so much more - you get what is now, Wooden Spoon Herbs - Lauren's herbal knowledge, all bottled up.

Team Bios

Lauren Haynes is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Wooden Spoon Herbs, bringing over ten years of experience as a clinical herbalist to practice.

Currently living in the mountains of northwestern Georgia, it was her passion for plants and herbs that led her down the path of holistic healing.

Driven by her desire to introduce more people to herbalism, Lauren has built Wooden Spoon Herbs to encompass her core values which include supporting a farm-direct supply chain and sourcing only organic ingredients.


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