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Date Established 01/2015
Founder Irina Dovganetskiy, Mary McMahan (Marketing Director)
Headquarters Harrisonburg, VA, USA
Press Contact Mary McMahan


Blue Dew Blue Tansy-Infused Beauty Balm
Blue Dew Blue Tansy-Infused Beauty Balm $42.00
Pro-Age Serum
Pro-Age Serum $44.00
Liquid Foundation
Liquid Foundation $34.00
Botanical Mascara
Botanical Mascara $19.00
Hydrating Mist - Cool, Calm + Coconut
Hydrating Mist - Cool, Calm + Coconut $14.00
Clean Start Makeup Set
Clean Start Makeup Set $29.00
Under the Mistletoe Lip Balm Set
Under the Mistletoe Lip Balm Set $22.00


Created in 2015, withSimplicity is a clean beauty brand located in Harrisonburg, VA that only uses natural, organic, cruelty-free, toxin-free ingredients. withSimplicity isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. Finding natural beauty products that are safe for you should be simple - no gimmicks, no hidden ingredients, no confusing product names. In a clean beauty market where products are “green-washed” and promoted to be “natural”, withSimplicity stands by its ingredients - doing the hard work behind the scenes so their consumers can feel confident and worry-free about their beauty routine. 

withSimplicity makes affordable, full-range skincare, makeup, and body care lines that are free of parabens, bismuth, fillers, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial colorants and fragrances, and are never tested on animals. Only the finest, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils are used. withSimplicity is available online, at its flagship store in Harrisonburg, VA, and in over 80 specialty stores and spas across the United States.

Founding Story

What started out as a hobby turned into a flourishing business for full-time mom, Irina Dovganetskiy. Irina started by making body scrubs, creams, and lip balms in her kitchen shortly after giving birth to her third child in 2014. She wanted to create products that weren’t only safe for her to use but were safe to use around her child as well while holding, nursing, and taking care of him. With a strong desire to share clean beauty with others, Irina created withSimplicity.

The first withSimplicity storefront opened in an airstream in Downtown Harrisonburg in 2015 after beginning in Irina’s kitchen. In 2016, the brand moved into its current storefront in downtown Harrisonburg, which also houses the production facility and offices.


Irina Dovganetskiy


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Irina Dovagnetskiy is the owner of withSimplicity and creates all of the product formulas in addition to managing the company. She has training and certification in the chemistry of essential oils as well as natural product formulation through accredited institutions. With this knowledge, Irina hopes to grow withSimplicity to a leading brand in the clean beauty industry.

In addition to her roles at withSimplicity, Irina is a mother of three and tends to her family's mini-homestead consisting of chickens, peacocks, bunnies, and a goat named Maya.

Mary McMahan (Marketing Director)

Marketing Director

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Mary graduated in 2017 from James Madison University Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Integrated Advertising & Corporate Communication and Spanish. Since then, she's worked in the radio industry as a marketing consultant and owns her own freelance graphic design company. Beauty is truly her passion and she won't rest until withSimplicity is a leading brand in the clean beauty industry. As Marketing Director, her roles include creating content for the withSimplicity social media, coordinating all marketing campaigns, maintaining the e-commerce site, designing product packaging, and handling all communications for the brand.

Outside of work, Mary spends time with her family, binges period-pieces on Netflix, and spoils her Australian Shepherd, Molly.


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