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Date Established 05/2018
Founder Mike Alibhai and Mike Meghani
Headquarters Dallas, TX
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sahir Alibhai


Wild Hemp is a brand rooted in CBD and smokable offerings – seeking to inspire wild adventure, spark wild imagination, and ultimately help you discover your wild side! Wild Hemp's product portfolio was developed to provide tobacco-free smokable solutions, as well as quality CBD products that could be sold into convenience. Each of Wild Hemp's products are designed to express the brand's personality: adventurous, creative, natural, and unique.

Founding Story

Wild Hemp began in 2018 when CBD and hemp were legalized across America with a variety of products such as tinctures, topicals, and gummy bears. Wild Hemp was able to stand out among the competition because they created the first CBD cigarette in the world, the Hempette. This product spread like wild fire across America, and is now the most sold CBD pre-roll in America. In 2020, Wild Hemp sold the distribution rights of the Hempettes product to Turning Point Brands - the publicly traded company that owns Zig Zags and Stokers. With more resources at hands, Wild Hemp has been able to develop other smokable solutions such as hemp wraps, CBD cigarillos, CBD vape disposables, and much more to come!


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