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Wicked Sensual Care

Consciously crafted personal lubricants, enhancers, and toy cleaners for increased comfort and peace of mind


Date Established 01/2012
Founder Steve Orenstein
Health & Wellness, Dating & Romance
Press Contact Hail Groo, Forward Approach Marketing


simply™ Lubricants
simply™ Lubricants $14.99
Jelle Anal Lube
Jelle Anal Lube $17.99
Aqua Water-based Lubricant
Aqua Water-based Lubricant $12.99
Aqua Heat Warming Lube
Aqua Heat Warming Lube $14.99
Ultra Silicone Personal Lubricant
Ultra Silicone Personal Lubricant $40.99
Creme Stroking Cream
Creme Stroking Cream $18.50
Salted Caramel Flavored Lube
Salted Caramel Flavored Lube $14.25


With sensual experiences and intimacy in mind, Wicked Sensual Care offers personal lubricants, enhancers, and toy cleaners perfect for partner and solo play.

As an award-winning leader in sexual health and wellness, Wicked Sensual Care uses exclusive formulas and conscious ingredients to create products that are always vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Wicked Sensual Care’s simply™ line is a collection of lubricants that are also glycerin and propylene-glycol free.

We are dedicated to providing you with conscious products that include natural extracts such as Olive Leaf, Aloe, and Vitamin E giving additional enrichments for increased comfort and peace of mind.

Our aim is to sensually inspire you and allow for an experience of unparalleled comfort, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Wicked Sensual Care’s water-based Aqua collection provides long-lasting formulas that satisfy without ever becoming sticky or tacky during use. The Ultra collection uses 100 percent pure premium silicone to create unsurpassed glide and comfort. Specialty products include Enhancers & Cleaners designed to boost intimacy and heighten sexual health and wellness.

With elegant and discreet packaging, whether you are searching for something sexy, therapeutic, or romantic, Wicked Sensual Care can provide the ideal complement to all of your erotic experiences.

Our Core Purpose

To inspire the exploration of healthy sexuality.

To educate and empower sexual freedom.

To provide thoughtful, innovative products that enhance sensual experiences through heightened comfort and pleasure.

Founding Story

Wicked Sensual Care was founded in 2012 by President and Owner Steve Orenstein. A decade later, Wicked Sensual Care has grown into an internationally recognized sexual wellness innovator and the first business of its kind to receive AVN’s Best Enhancement Manufacturer award for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022). With a firm commitment to sexual health and wellness, beautiful design, and high-quality ingredients, WSC continues to be a force for health and innovation in the global intimate products space.

Team Bios

jessica drake is an award-winning wicked pictures™️ adult performer, writer, activist, educator + the creator of the “guide to wicked sex”


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