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Date Established 01/2018
Founder Keera Brooks
Headquarters Jasper, GA
Press Contact Meghan Dozier, Huff & Co.


If you dream it, you can make it with Wholesale Sugar Flowers. As the leading provider of quality sugar flowers, Wholesale Sugar Flower empowers established confectioners to elevate their creations and inspire at-home bakers to turn their visions into a reality.

What began over 20 years ago has transformed into a thriving business that now works with large-scale global operations (hotels, resorts, and big-box retailers) and aspiring entrepreneurs or hobbyists. Instead of spending hours creating a sugar flower from scratch, buying pre-made sugar flowers save our customers time and money. In most cases, a product from Wholesale Sugar Flowers is a higher quality product than what can be produced in-house because creating the most well-made and beautiful cake décor is all they do.

While they're known for their sugar flowers, they also specialize in cake kits, dragees, nonpareils, sprinkles, confetti, edible glitter, and much more. Their goal is to take your cake game to the next level. Whether you need one flower, or 1,000, Wholesale Sugar Flowers has the product, service, and infrastructure to help you succeed.

Founding Story

CEO of Wholesale Sugar Flowers, Keera Brooks, has based her entrepreneurship on two fundamental truths - a passion for women’s empowerment and the fact that almost nothing goes according to plan. Graduating from Penn State University, she spent 16 years in corporate America before leaving to find her true calling. After searching for an opportunity that would allow her to contribute in a meaningful way towards customers, partners, employees, and the community, she acquired Wholesale Sugar Flowers in 2018.

By combining the desire to strengthen women and understanding the challenges that come with running a business, Keera grew Wholesale Sugar Flowers by making it a priority to partner with and hire women, support the community, and take care of her employees. She also transitioned the company to include at-home bakers as well as business accounts when the pandemic hit, enabling the business to thrive during uncertain times.

Keera continues to share her position on empowerment and motivates women throughout the country, speaks publicly about women entrepreneurship, and contributes to publications on the subject, including the book Launching While Female. When she is not working, you can find her spending time with her husband, two daughters, and the family dog, Ranger.


Classic Rose Cake Kit
Classic Rose Cake Kit $37.15
1-1/2" Royal Icing Easter Eggs - Medium
1-1/2" Royal Icing Easter Eggs - Medium $22.61
1.5" Bunny Face
1.5" Bunny Face $1.00
Garden Blossom Cake Kit
Garden Blossom Cake Kit $17.98

Team Bios

Keera Brooks acquired Wholesale Sugar Flowers in 2018, after nearly two decades in corporate America. As the company’s CEO, Keera is passionate about contributing in a meaningful way toward customers, partners, employees and the community, and she has a personal mission to empower other women through partnerships and outreach programs. These efforts have helped her expand the Wholesale Sugar Flowers business and track fast growth in both the B2B and consumer markets, helping everyone from professional pastry chefs to aspiring entrepreneurs to at-home hobbyists elevate their celebrations and enjoy “the art of decorating.”

Stephanie Scher

Chief Marketing Officer

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With over 25 years of experience in design for food, events, hospitality, prop, food and interior styling, Stephanie Scher leads marketing and design strategy for Wholesale Sugar Flowers, in her role as Chief Marketing Officer. Stephanie attended the Chicago Art Institute of Design and the Columbus College of Art and Design before launching her career in New York City. Among her many notable professional achievements, she created the visual identity for a number of leading brands in the culinary and hospitality field and helped design and open over 250 restaurants, cafes and coffee bars. Stephanie is recognized for her inspiring and forward-thinking brand solutions, and is working alongside Keera to provide a fresh perspective and drive growth for Wholesale Sugar Flowers.



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