Tatch Launches An Innovative, Wireless Patch For At Home Sleep Analysis Users can now test their sleep, receive an instant sleep report, and meet virtually with a sleep specialist without ever leaving their bed.
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New York, NY (April 2021) - Tatch, a startup at the forefront of sleep technology, will be launching The TatchSleep Kit, a wireless at-home sleep analysis tool, paired with a virtual consultation with a sleep specialist, on June 1st. The kit includes two sleek, flexible patches, access to individual data on the Tatch app, and a virtual consultation with a sleep specialist. 

Tatch’s solution-oriented approach is to get to the root of people’s sleeping issues and recommend a customized solution through a virtual consultation with Tatch sleep specialist, Dr. Chelsie Rohrscheib. This offers a new way for users who consistently are not sleeping well, or users whose snoring is impacting their life, to benefit from a seamless path to a personalized solution.

Crafted by world class experts in the sleep industry, this state-of-the-art patch measures several parameters: snoring quality (+ an audio sample), optimal body positions, restfulness, breathing dynamics and even boasts a time lapse animation of how you slept.

"It’s so hard to watch your dear ones suffer without the ability to help and change the situation,” says Amir Reuveny, Founder of Tatch. “We’ve created Tatch to make sure people who need help have access to high-quality feedback in their own home to improve their quality of life.”

Here’s an inside look as to what consumers will receive and what to expect when testing out Tatch:

Sleek, Wireless Patches - everything is connected via Bluetooth to the Tatch appTwo Minute Setup - because the patches are easy to apply, a user can prepare themselves for the test under two minutesSit Back and Relax - your sleep data accumulated from the app is sent automatically to a sleep specialist via the cloud and you'll also receive your sleep reportExpert Guidance - you’ll meet with a sleep specialist so you can walk through your report together and reach a solution

The subscription model will be an additional fee per month. It will include:

Unlimited replacement kitsFree messaging with a sleep specialistPersonal sleep tests history

The TatchSleep Kit is launching on June 1st and currently has a waitlist of over 5,500 eager sleepers (pilot.tatch.com). Tatch is also working on another version for sleep apnea diagnosis for those who struggle severely with their sleeping disorders, which will launch in September 2021.

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