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Date Established 12/2016
Founder Adrienne Nolan-Smith
Headquarters 833 Broadway Fl. 2
Tech, Beauty
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Spark Health Online Program
Spark Health Online Program


WellBe is a wellness media company and lifestyle brand focused on the intersection between wellness and healthcare. WellBe’s original content comes out in a weekly newsletter, on their podcast, website and social channels and consists of: inspirational interviews with real people who recovered from chronic illness through integrative medicine, interviews of experts and changemakers who sit between wellness and healthcare, WellBe’s health news and research wrap-ups, Adrienne’s own blog posts and the WellBe Guides on various topics, WellBe’s offline panel events and the curated online store.Unlike a lot of wellness content companies, WellBe believes that research in the wellness and integrative medicine space is important to highlight and that proof in the form of the stories told is the best inspiration for inciting change. Rather than sell every wellness product out there, WellBe has strict standards of what they advise readers to use. WellBe believes in bringing people together, and that preventing and reversing health issues can be a lonely road.

Founding Story

In her personal and professional experience, Adrienne Nolan-Smith has seen how integrative health and wellness are key to preventing and reversing disease. When she was 11, Adrienne was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Her conventional doctor prescribed antibiotics to no avail; her mother was subsequently told there were no other options. Two years and multiple integrative therapies later, Adrienne was Lyme-free. Over the years, other health issues came up and each time it became clear that conventional doctors had tools to treat her symptoms, but they never got to the root of the problems, nor did they really try to cure them.In 2010, Adrienne lost her mother to suicide while she was on antipsychotic and antidepressant medications to treat schizoaffective disorder. At that point, Adrienne knew she needed to completely switch careers and began working for a healthcare technology company, hoping to fix the system from the inside. After several years working with hospitals, she realized that, until wellness became part of the standard of care, the current chronic disease crisis would only continue to rise. She also realized that until people demand wellness from their doctors, their brands, their employers, their governments and ultimately, from themselves, nothing will change. Adrienne founded WellBe to facilitate this change by helping people prevent and reverse chronic health issues naturally.


Adrienne Nolan-Smith

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Adrienne received her BA from Johns Hopkins University, her MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University, and is a board-certified patient advocate (BCPA). She lives in New York City, where she was born and raised. ‍


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