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Date Established 01/2018
Founder Laura Kraber
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Press Contact Laura Kraber


Otherworldly Palette
Otherworldly Palette $18.00
Universal Liner
Universal Liner $15.00
Universal Gloss
Universal Gloss $15.00
Big Bang Mascara
Big Bang Mascara $14.00
Universal Crayon
Universal Crayon $12.00
Biodegradable Glitter
Biodegradable Glitter $12.00
Universal Balm
Universal Balm $12.00
Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss $12.00


We Are Fluide is the first and only mission-driven brand creating clean, vegan, high-impact cosmetics designed for all skin shades and gender expressions. It was created to showcase & celebrate queer and gender non-conforming beauty. The stars of the collection include versatile, multi-purpose crayons, glosses, and glittery liners, along with ultra-pigmented liquid lipsticks, moisturizing, non-sticky lip glosses, mascara, 7-free nail polish, and biodegradable glitters.

Based in Brooklyn, We Are Fluide donates a portion of sales as well as products to support LGBTQ+ organizations big and small.

Founding Story

We Are Fluide was created to support people who are defying cultural expectations and gender norms to actively create and express their authentic selves. The genesis of the company is founder, Laura Kraber's personal admiration for the people who are putting their lives on the line to create a more inclusive world.

As a parent, Laura has been so inspired by the teenagers who are leading this societal shift and creating a more expansive understanding of gender identity. Through their engagement and activism, they’re creating a worldwide movement and paving the way for everyone who comes after them.

Team Bios

Laura Kraber

Founder and CEO

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Laura's goal in starting We Are Fluide was to create a welcoming, inclusive online community centered around the transformative power of makeup, queer joy, and celebrating underrepresented faces and voices in beauty. She has been inspired by the bravery and activism of trans and gender-nonconforming kids and teens, and the parents and other allies supporting them as they challenge traditional ideas of gender and face discrimination and bullying.

From the outset, the mission has been to evolve the traditional conception of “beauty” while promoting authentic self-expression and positive self-image. Through showcasing and celebrating people of all gender expressions and identities, Laura hopes that We Are Fluide can contribute to creating space for gender expansiveness through the simple act of representing people across a spectrum of gender identities and through providing a platform for the community.


Urban Outfitters
Saks Fifth Avenue


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“We're excited to partner with We Are Fluide, a brand that shares our goals of centering Black trans people, and we look forward to what this collaboration means for our community and for amplifying our message and increasing the support we can offer.”

Maliyah Worthy and Cienna Minniefield

“The photography process is immersive, experiential, and requires trust and dialogue. Ultimately while making good images is a crucial goal, it is second only to making lasting memories and deepening our connections to the people with whom we collaborate. The team at We Are Fluide puts this into practice—they are motivated by a desire to live up to the values they express and show this through the way they engage with the communities they uplift in their images.”

Alex Webster, (@alexwebsterphoto)


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