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Watershed Distillery

Award-winning craft spirits and distillery based in Columbus, Ohio


Date Established 08/2010
Founder Greg Lehman
Headquarters Columbus, Ohio
Press Contact Allison Bowers


‍Watershed Distillery produces a family of spirits that include Vodka, a trio of award-winning gins, Apple Brandy made from all-Ohio apples, a four-year Bourbon, bottled Old Fashioned and Nocino, a black walnut liqueur. Firmly rooted in the belief that success doesn’t happen overnight and certainly doesn’t happen by chance, Watershed Distillery seeks to create and celebrate change within the community and beyond. Distilling, growing, and sharing in Columbus, Ohio, since 2010, Watershed Distillery's creative family of spirits reflects their commitment to the dogged pursuit of perfection, local ingredients, and time-honored practices. Named Ohio's 2019 Gin Distillery of the year, In September 2020, Watershed Distillery will celebrate 10 years as an independent Ohio distillery.

Founding Story

A Watershed moment might be pivotal. But it might also be quiet and fleeting. It could be a momentous occasion, a cause for celebration, an enormous triumph, or a small, daily victory. A Watershed moment could be a rekindling or an observance or a gathering – any opportunity to relish with friends and family. It’s whatever you choose to ‘cheers’ to, who you’re gathered around, and whatever’s worth celebrating. Watershed Distillery was founded by Greg Lehman in 2010, on the principles of community. Wanting to live in, work in, and contribute to the community in which he grew up. Greg and his family aimed to create spirits that stood apart in quality and character. Along the way, they set out to form a community of their own. One that could gather together to savor, celebrate and enjoy good spirits and company. 

Watershed Distillery has grown from a tiny little still and two guys in jumpsuits to a dedicated team of over forty people, and two much larger stills. If you’re ever in the area, stop by and meet the Watershed team and enjoy their award-winning gin. Creating it was a Watershed Moment, and they want to hear about yours.


Greg Lehman

Founder & CEO

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Greg is a Founder and CEO of Watershed Distillery and has been involved in all aspects of running the business since inception.  He has a passion for business and is an entrepreneur at heart. After a stint playing pro-volleyball in Switzerland, he began a career in sales working his way from a small manufacturing company in North Carolina to the pharmaceutical world.  That entrepreneurial passion led him to leave his corporate job to start Watershed in 2010.  Greg has worked to expand the business to a present-day team of nearly fifty employees, and has been instrumental in growing Watershed Distillery into the largest Ohio-based brand of spirits.

Greg helped organize and was one of the founding three members of the Ohio Distillers Guild and currently serves as the guild’s president.  Through the guild, he has been instrumental in changing the laws in Ohio to help the distilling industry.  After helping pass a law to allow distilleries to open onsite restaurants, he orchestrated the opening of a Kitchen and Bar at Watershed that has earned recognition as one of the top restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. 

Greg was selected as the 2012 winner of the Young Profession Achievement Award by The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.  In 2015 Greg was recognized as the Columbus, Ohio CEO of the year by Columbus CEO Magazine.  He currently leads Watershed’s production, finance, and marketing teams.