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Date Established 03/2023
Founder Connor Saeli, Mike Xhaxho
Headquarters Texas
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Hannah Chang


A healthier and more effective way to hydrate and recover, Waterboy offers two functional formulas, Weekend Recovery and Athletic Recovery, that include all-natural, real ingredients to help you get back to 100% better and faster.

Many products in the hydration category are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients and low on the main ingredient, salt. Waterboy’s formulas feature more electrolytes, zero sugar, as well as vitamins, amino acids, and other natural ingredients like ginger to help with specific use cases.

Waterboy’s Weekend Recovery formula contains three times as many electrolytes as competitors, natural ginger extract for nausea, l-theanine to soothe anxiety, and vitamin B12 to help with fatigue. Its Athletic Recovery Formula contains five times as many electrolytes as traditional sports drinks, l-glutamine for muscle recovery, and vitamin B12 for energy.

Waterboy levels up your hydration routine to work smarter, whether you’re hungover, feeling under the weather, nourishing your body pre-or-post workout, or just need an overall boost in hydration.

Founding Story

Why we started Waterboy.

Every solution on the market came up short. Products were either meant for kids, basic general hydration, or filled with sugar or low quality ingredients produced overseas.

This led us on a mission to make something we would ingest ourselves. A healthier and more effective way to recover from a hangover. We packed our product with ingredients, not marketing bs.

Yes we get the irony and can already sense some of the judgment—“if you want to be healthy, don’t drink" or "just don’t drink at all, you won’t get a hangover."

Guess what?

Sometimes life happens. Liver a little.

Now don’t get us wrong. We don’t want to overpromise here. No, you can’t get smashed the night before, take this, and feel normal. If that was the case, we would charge A LOT more. No you can’t wake up hungover, take this, and then feel 100% in 30 minutes.

This isn’t a miracle cure. But if you can cut your time in misery in half for a couple of dollars, would you? We sure would. Our goal is to help you maximize your day.

Some beliefs we live by

Work hard, play hard. While we are both very health-focused and driven to unlock our best self, we still like to have our fun.

Again, you only have one life—live it. Take the spontaneous trip, buy yourself the pair of shoes, go out with your friend to a new restaurant. Don’t wait for the weekends to live.


Blue Raspberry Hydration Stick
Blue Raspberry Hydration Stick $24.99

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