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Date Established 06/2017
Founder Dave Darr
Headquarters Springfield, MO
Home, Beauty
Press Contact Heather Openshaw


Walrus Oil creates a variety of material finishes and body care products, all while helping to confront climate change through social enterprise and the reforestation of trees and sea kelp. Walrus Oil has made a name for itself in the woodworking community, and sustainably manufactures wood finishes and leather care, along with a recent expansion into skin protection needs. Producing household essentials that give back to nature without the usual garbage – these planet-based, synthetic-free products are manufactured in the US. Walrus Oil has something for every project, from new builds to furniture restoration, cutting board oils, leather maintenance, and skincare products designed to endure the brutal winters of the north.

Walrus Oil is committed to planting trees for the long-term health of the planet. With wood finishes as their primary business, and logging essential for woodworking, this is a solution to not only replace the trees cut down for woodworking – but to create a surplus. Further, Walrus Oil is committed to planting sea kelp for its ability to absorb carbon at an incredibly fast rate. While trees can take nearly 50 years to reach maturity, sea kelp can grow a foot per day, pulling carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it deep into the ocean floor within the first year of being planted.  As such, a portion of every product sold supports the National Forest Foundation and Seatrees, with all giving verified by 1% For The Planet.

Founding Story

How did they go from making wood finishes, to lip balm, and everything in between?
The foundation of everything Walrus Oil does is trees and our commitment to making clean and safe products.

After one hell of a childhood riddled with years of health complications, Dave Darr graduates from college in 2009 and moves to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the kayaking and cycling-friendly community. He refinishes antique furniture in his free time and starts experimenting with unique and natural ingredients that could be used as a wood finish. A few years later Dave relocates to the Ozarks and starts a commercial woodshop supplying tables and cutting boards to restaurants made from locally sourced timber from the Ozark Mountains. Noticing a lack of food-safe wood finishes in the marketplace with transparent ingredients, he also begins bottling and selling his time-tested wood finish recipes. He called it "Walrus Oil", the name loosely inspired by the large mustache he was known for.

Walrus Oil's initial market tests were very positive, but after a few short months demand unexpectedly explodes, thanks in part to a lot of happy customers sharing their experiences on social media. Quickly becoming a full-time job, Dave starts acquiring industrial brewing equipment. The following year Walrus Oil is featured in the world's largest woodworking magazine, Wood Magazine, and is picked up by the largest woodworking store chain in the USA, Rockler Woodworking. These milestones help establish Walrus Oil as a household name in the woodworking community across North America. Over the following years, new wood finishes are released and new product categories are tackled. Walrus Oil also begins exporting internationally.

After frequent travels to Montana and Wyoming in the dead of winter, the region was adopted as a second home by Dave. Using his brewing equipment and the same quality standards, he creates Logger's Lip Balm and Logger's Hand Salve, a 100% plant-based skincare line formulated to keep your skin moisturized and protected in the harsh conditions of the Northern Rockies. A line of leather care products were also created to help keep duck boots and leather goods better protected while hiking or working the old logging roads.

Walrus Oil continues to forge a legacy of creating much needed tools, handcrafted by people who truly care about the environment as much as the product itself.


Heather Openshaw

Marketing & Sustainability

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Impact Radius


We make a decent number of cutting boards and charcuterie boards, Wally sauce is our go-to oil for finish. When you pour it on, you can see the difference before you even rub it into the wood. Walrus oil cutting board oil is thick, it has sustenance and it’s a quality you can FEEL and see. The oil brings out all the gorgeous shimmer the wood has to offer and it buffs off beautifully. We choose to top it with walrus oil CB wax but the oil does all the heavy lifting!

Mason R.

I'm a newbie when it comes to treating wood and am very grateful for the guidance from the Walrus Oil people. This oil leaves a beautiful natural finish, enhances the wood, in this case birch, was very easy to use, easy instructions, and easy cleanup. I had a lot of countertop to buff so I took the suggestion and bought an electric buffer. Really helped. I do think it's OK for those of us in Northern Nevada to use extra oil, it soaked in and dried fast.

Rita C.

After using the leather oil and wax on a couple pairs of boots, I ended up applying it on pretty much all of my leather gear. I'm definitely pleased with the results.


My son is a mosquito magnet and we have tried everything we can to keep them from attacking him! He’s literally gone outside for 20 minutes and has been bitten a dozen times. We always go with more natural routes especially if it’s something that is going in or on our bodies. Well once I got this stuff out search was over! We got this bug balm and lathered him up and threw him outside to see how good it is and wow you guys. It smells amazing and working so well! We spent hours outside and we were sweating like crazy and this stuff still worked! Not. A. Single. Bite! Finally, a natural product that works for our son! So yes. Get some. You won’t regret it.

Raymond T.

I’ve had dry cracked hands my whole life. Being a Doctor washing hands all the time has been made it worse. Found this product. I put it on before my week later my hands are the best they have ever been. I love this product, smell, and how it has solved my issue.

Mark S.