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Date Established 06/2021
Founder Andrea Lefkovits
Headquarters Greenwich, Connecticut
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Isabelle Edmonds


Virginskin believes you can achieve true and lasting confidence in your skin. It’s what Virginskin has always done and always will do.

Virginskin was created through the pioneering vision of Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Albert Lefkovits who awoke each day with the singular commitment to brightening the lives of his patients by sparking confidence in their skin. Each and every day, Virginskin draws inspiration from his devoted care of women and men of all ages, from all walks of life.

Dr. Lefkovits created Virginskin through his deep knowledge of botanical actives and their benefits in treating skin. By working with multiple botanicals over time, he developed a cream that could firm, plump, and smooth the skin to the highest standards that he and his patients demanded. His formula was a breakthrough and essential to the skin health of his patients, who loved the new glow in their skin. Virginskin’s high-performance skincare will always be formulated by melding the latest dermatological science with the finest natural ingredients, sourced from the purest regions of Earth.

Virginskin is dermatologist skincare without a prescription that works immediately to restore skin health and build confidence in your skin... more and more each day. Over time, you’ll see a rebirth in the look and feel of your skin, with youthfulness reawakened before your eyes – and a more beautiful version of yourself reflecting from the mirror.

Virginskin is socially responsible and dedicated specifically to fighting hunger. We donate ten percent of our profits every year to food banks in the communities where our customers live.

Founding Story

We founded Virginskin to deliver the finest dermatologist-developed skincare, available without a prescription.

Andrea Lefkovits founded Virginskin in 2021 on two fundamental principles. We believe that everyone deserves the best, highest-quality anti-aging skincare, as well as a simple one-step solution to keeping their skin glowing, healthier and more youthful. Virginskin also stands for generosity and kindness – we believe in the importance of giving back to those in need. Virginskin started with one man and one product. Andrea’s father-in-law, Dr. Albert Lefkovits, was a leading Manhattan dermatologist and professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital. He had a love affair with skin for over 50 years. He had a large and loyal practice with patients from around the world, due to his caring manner, medical expertise, and innovative treatment of each individual’s skin.

In addition to his dedication to dermatology, Dr. Lefkovits had a mind for chemistry. After some patients experienced redness and irritation post-laser treatments, he created a cream to help comfort and soothe the skin. In addition to calming the affected skin, the cream also had obvious and impressive youth-renewing effects. A cult following developed, and Virginskin was born. Virginskin is proud to continue Dr. Lefkovits' legacy and passion. Virginskin is more than a cream. Virginskin is about simplicity, effectiveness, quality, and results, giving you confidence in your skin and a revitalized glow.


Anti-Aging Cream
Anti-Aging Cream $95.00


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