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A Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Drink


Date Established
Founder Alex Matthews, Danielle Calabrese
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Danielle Calabrese


Honey $34.99
Tart Cherry Rooibos
Tart Cherry Rooibos $34.99
VINA Classic Variety Pack
VINA Classic Variety Pack $69.98


VINA is a sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar drink packed with health benefits and delivering a light, crisp, and refreshing taste. VINA is low in sugar, certified organic, non-GMO, low calorie, promotes gut health, and is made with real fruit and no artificial sweeteners. VINA is inspired by the 'Mediterranean diet,' which foregrounds tasty things like apple cider vinegar which offer a number of health benefits like being pro-digestive, maintaining a healthy PH balance, lowering blood sugar levels, fighting free radicals, supporting circulation, and helping to satisfy hunger cravings.

VINA is available in five delicious flavors – Honey, Lemon Ginger, Orange Turmeric, Raspberry Lime and Tart Cherry Rooibos - and is best enjoyed on ice, as a wonderful companion to help digest a meal, or as a delicious stand-alone sparkling drink.

Find us online at and @VINAacv #anewwaytoacv

Founding Story

HERE Studio Founder Alex Matthews has a strong background in beverage and CPG brands - prior to starting VINA, Alex founded the beverage company Juice Served Here. 

Team Bios

Alex Matthews


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As a creative, branding and CPG specialist, Alex has spent 20 years building brands, founding and funding CPG companies and creating brands from $10MM - $100MM. Alex most recently founded HERE Studio in 2017. He is also founder of VINA Beverages Inc., having secured funding from Karp Reilly and Artis Ventures. Prior to founding HERE Studio, Alex also founded Juice Served Here, a beverage company in Los Angeles with sales over $15MM. Alex currently sits on three boards (VINA, Pressta, Another) and is an advisor to multiple venture capital backed companies. Alex attended Bristol University and holds a bachelor’s degree in design.

Danielle Calabrese


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With over 12 years of start-up CPG experience, Danielle has a passion for launching health & wellness brands. She started her career in cold pressed juice. First in 2009 as Co-Founder of Juice Maids, an LA based cleanse delivery service. In 2011 she joined Juice Served Here as VP of Operations & Development where she worked side by side with the founders to grow the brand into a national wholesale supplier. In 2018 she started up a kids snack food company, Tiny Giants, where Kraft Heinz aligned as investor and strategic partner. Danielle now serves as the COO of HERE Studio and oversees the agency’s owned and operated brands as well as heading up the HERE Studio FRAMEWORK program.


Whole Foods
Bristol Farms
Erewhon Market


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