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Date Established 07/2021
Founder Jessie Zhou, Amie Hsu, Man Zheng
Headquarters Seattle, WA
Home, Tech, Gaming
Press Contact Jessie Zhou



Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Vilo Living launched in 2021 with a mission to make easy, affordable, and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity available to anyone, anywhere. In today's hyper-digital age, better home Wi-Fi means having a better quality of life and more opportunities. Vilo believes that everyone deserves access to the incredible power of mesh Wi-Fi and an easy interface to manage their home network.

Founding Story

Years ago when the Vilo cofounders were working at another tech startup making smart home products, they kept hearing stories from customers who struggled to set up their new smart tech due to issues with their home Wi-Fi network. They sensed the need for an easy to use and affordable home mesh Wi-Fi system that would solve the average home's problems with coverage and connectivity, but it wasn’t until the founders left that company that they pursued this idea in earnest to bring one to the market.

The timing was serendipitous. Vilo Living launched in the summer of 2021, amidst the ebbs and flows of a global pandemic that found millions of people ever more dependent on their home Wi-Fi. The ease of use and affordable pricing won a steady stream of positive media reviews, as well as the hearts and minds of many consumers who were grateful to finally have an affordable and genuinely easy to set up and use mesh Wi-Fi system.

Team Bios

Man is the co-founder and CPO (Chief Product Officer) of Vilo Living. She oversees the product team to deliver hardware and software solutions. Man has 10+ years of experience in the tech industry. Previously, she worked as a Technical Program Manager at Expedia. Prior to Expedia, Man was a software developer at Microsoft after graduating from University of Missouri-Rolla with a Master's degree in computer science.

Amie is a co-founder and COO of Vilo Living, where she oversees sales, operations, and customer success. Previously, she was responsible for growing the direct-to-consumer businesses at CPG startup Hydrant and smart home company Wyze Labs. She started her career at Amazon. In her free time, she enjoys trying new restaurants in the Seattle area and going on adventures with her two dogs.

Jessie is the co-founder and CEO of Vilo Living. She brings with her nearly twenty years of management experience with leading internet and consumer tech companies. After earning an MBA from Duke University, Jessie moved to Seattle and built a successful career in marketing and product management at Amazon, EA, Expedia, and Wyze Labs. In 2020 when the world came to a grinding halt and drove millions of people to work and learn from home, she seized the opportunity and launched Vilo Living to bring a better connectivity solution to millions of homes.




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I’m more than happy to recommend the Vilo system. It’s cheap, and it just works. What else do you really need?

Napier Lopez

Tech Writer for The Next Web

If you want the awesome coverage of a mesh networking without paying a premium for the latest Wi-Fi technology, Vilo might have you're looking for.

Mark Hachman

Senior Editor at TechHive

If you’re still using the box that your internet service provider places under your TV to serve up your WiFi signal, I’d recommend taking a look at upgrading to a Vilo system at this price.

Rich DeMuro

KTLA Reporter and Host of "Rich on Tech"

You may have heard of this “mesh Wi-Fi” thing from your friends who have bigger houses and more tech smarts than you. The Vilo is the mesh router for everyone else.

Scott Pham

Data Reporter for BuzzFeed

Some of us at Android Police are so impressed with it, we're considering buying a set for our parents in the next year or so, and I think that's pretty high praise. As usual, we consider price a feature, and at this level of value, Vilo's mesh Wi-Fi system easily merits our Most Wanted award.

Ryne Hager

Senior Editor at Android Police

Vilo makes getting a Wi-Fi mesh system affordable — and it’s actually good.

Jason Cipriani

Tech Reviewer for CNN Underscored

Long story short: You get a really great mesh networking solution for a low cost with Vilo.

Kevin C. Tofel

Reviewer for Stacey on IoT

The Vilo mesh system might be one of the easiest ways to ditch that crappy router your ISP rents out to you.

Simon Hill

Reviewer for Wired

The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system officially knocks out the Amazon Eero 6 as the most capable mesh router solution for those looking to spend the least.

Florence Ion

Reviewer for Gizmodo


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