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Founder Nadya Kozlova and Shay Sim
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Travis Paul Martin


Launched in 2023, Viktor Michael is the first Recovery Care Collection proven to significantly reduce post-injection side effects and downtime by up to 50%, all while fostering regeneration, radiance, and overall skin health. 

Neuromodulators and dermal filler injections have transformed the way we age, but are often accompanied by unwanted temporary imperfections and irritation. 

Viktor Michael offers a solution—conscious, clinical-grade formulas meticulously crafted by medical aesthetic professionals and cosmetic chemists. Founded by Nadya Kozlova and Shay Sim, the brand centers on a unique pre and post Injection Care Complex®, focusing on dermatologist-tested ingredients. These have been proven to effectively minimize imperfections, reduce downtime, and enhance long-term skin radiance throughout the entire injection cycle – from pre-treatment to post-injection maintenance.

At the core of Viktor Michael's efficacy is the proprietary Injection Care Complex®, featuring key ingredients such as Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Dragon's Blood, and Babassu Oil. This blend works synergistically to repair skin, diminish redness, swelling, and irritation, expedite wound healing, and provide protective and soothing effects.

Following a strategic "4 Levels of Action" approach, Viktor Michael ensures preparedness, recovery, regeneration, and radiance throughout the entire injection treatment process. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in its dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, paraben- and gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly formulations.

Results of The Blind Perception Study

Using both of these products together have been clinically proven to achieve a 100% reduction in skin redness associated with injections within a mere 2 days. Users appreciate the gentle and non-irritating qualities of the duo, with 97% noting visibly calmer skin just days after injection. Notably, 95% affirm a reduction in post-injection discomfort, and 93% saw decreased skin discoloration and redness associated with cosmetic injections within 7 days. Additionally, 97% observed a visible reduction in swelling, bruising, and tenderness immediately following injections. 

Viktor Michael is available for purchase through and select professional offices throughout the United States. Viktor Michael has an affiliate program on ShareASale and interested partners can apply HERE or email

Founding Story

Founders Nadya Kozlova and Shay Sim have been in the medical aesthetics space for over 20 years, growing their highly successful Kucumber Skin Lounge to three locations in the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in medical aesthetics, and were some of the very first people in the space to introduce education around injections and what they’re designed for to the consumer base. Their clinics have been extensively utilized as Luminary accounts for a variety of aesthetics technologies to help verify efficacy of injection technology.

The duo identified a major gap in the pre and post injection recovery care in the market, leading to the creation of Viktor Michael–a sensorial skincare line with active botanicals, developed with a renowned cosmetic chemist. They have been recognized in renowned publications such as Oprah Magazine, Inc. 5000, Fortune, Forbes, and more. 


Hidden Agenda
Hidden Agenda $157.00
Ciao For Now
Ciao For Now $112.00
Injection Intervention™ Duo Pre and Post Injection Care Bundle
Injection Intervention™ Duo Pre and Post Injection Care Bundle $269.00


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