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Date Established 08/2020
Founder Genevieve Dolan
Headquarters Made In The USA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Megan Harris


Vieve’s Leaves is an American-made, woman-owned brand that offers an easy and effective skincare solution for complex skin challenges thanks to an infusion of high-grade CBD. While CBD isn’t new to skincare, what sets Vieve’s Leaves apart is a proprietary E-cann blend that uses Vitamin E to enhance the absorption of cannabinoids coupled with peptides and fruit stem cells.

Vieve’s Leaves believes that healthy, balanced skin starts with a handful of natural ingredients and a lot of research. Developed in partnership with scientists and skincare experts, Vieve's Leaves targets some of the most common skin issues from dryness, redness and inflammation to wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Vieve’s Leaves is responsibly-sourced, cruelty-free and vegan, and none of the products include (or come in contact with) potentially harmful ingredients, plastics or metals. Vieve Leaves believes in natural healing – and that's where the ingredient list begins and ends.

Founding Story

From a young age Genevieve Dolan loved experimenting with different makeup and skincare. When cystic acne set in during her teenage years, she became incredibly informed on the pharmaceutical side of healing and was prescribed various medications for her skin maladies into her early 20s. Unfortunately, her body didn’t react well to these and she eventually stopped taking them.

This led her to explore a more holistic approach to health and, through her own experiences with nutritionists and integrative medicine specialists, she developed a passion for healing the body from the inside out.

In 2020, Genevieve was introduced to an opportunity where she could blend both science and nature to create products that delivered the balance, nutrients and support she desperately needed in her beauty routine. Alongside a chemist, Genevieve developed a formula that worked with her skin (which is a combination of acne-prone, dry and sensitive) and packed it full of age-defying antioxidants. This was the beginning of creating Vieve’s Leaves in hopes her journey and products could help others who struggled with similar skincare issues.


Restorative Duo Skincare System
Restorative Duo Skincare System $95.00

Team Bios

Genevieve Dolan is the founder and CEO of Vieve’s Leaves. After graduating from the College of Charleston, Genevieve began her career in a Client Service role at a finance firm in Chicago. After learning all things numbers and spreadsheets, she continued into an operations role at an automotive startup. Craving creativity and energy, Genevieve then began working with one of Chicago’s finest event planning firms, All Things Party. The nature of the job’s long hours paid off, as Genevieve became highly skilled in managing client expectations, small business administration and having a critical eye for detail. In 2020, after a combination of professional burnout and the impacts of the pandemic on the events’ industry, Genevieve turned her attention to Vieve’s Leaves after successfully incorporating hemp-derived products into her daily routine. To date the brand has grown to include multiple products available online and in various retail locations around the country.

Whether it’s managing a big event, volunteering at her local hospital (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab), chairing a non-profit auxiliary board (MetroSquash) or leading her team as CEO of Vieve’s Leaves, Genevieve has learned the meaning of leadership and management, and even in the toughest of situations, always finds a way to encourage positivity for herself and those around her.




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