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Vicci Eyewear

Fashion-Forward Luxury Eyewear Brand


Date Established 01/2013
Founder David Abramovici
Headquarters Miami, FL
Press Contact Steven Geduld


Vicci Eyewear is a prescription eyewear brand that is pro-age, pro-vision, and pro-fashion for women. Born from the belief that eyewear should elevate one's presence, Vicci merges the world of high fashion with superior lenses. Vicci Eyewear's hand-crafted frames aren’t just accessories; they are symbols of confidence, grace, and distinction. With an eye for detail and a passion for elegance, Vicci Eyewear ensures that those who wear our pieces don’t just see – they make an impression. 

Founding Story

The legacy of craftsmanship that defines Vicci Eyewear began over a century ago with the Abramovici family. An odyssey spanning four generations, the story of Vicci Eyewear is one woven with dedication, passion, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

In the 1920s, the renowned watchmaker Isaac Abramovici honed his skills in Romania, setting the tone for the family's artistic journey. Following in his father's footsteps, Arie Abramovici ventured into the world of watchmaking and jewelry, establishing his own boutique that became a hallmark of quality and elegance for over four decades. Arie's mastery of his craft reverberated through generations, fostering an ethos that placed uncompromising quality at the forefront.

Guided by the teachings of his forebears, Aaron Abramovici took the mantle as a jewelry manufacturer in Canada, preserving the family tradition of exquisite artistry. It was Aaron's son, David, who embraced the legacy as a teenager, his passion for fashion ignited by his exposure to his father's factory. Nurtured by a family friend's optical boutique, David's interest in eyewear grew, and he meticulously honed his knack for identifying consumer preferences while imbibing the essence of quality craftsmanship.

The turning point arrived in 2010, when David found himself at the front row of Milan Fashion Week. It was amidst the glamour of the fashion world that the idea for VICCI Eyewear was born. Drawing from his own experience, David envisioned eyewear that was not only stylish but also bold and elegantly crafted. His dream took shape with the launch of the first VICCI Eyewear store in Florida, captivating retail customers who sought frames that resonated with their lifestyles. VICCI's distinction lay in its meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials, outshining even established brands. Within a mere four years, seven retail locations sprung up across Florida, a testament to the vision of an entrepreneur driven by legacy.

In 2021, a new chapter dawned for Vicci Eyewear as David joined forces with Steven Geduld. Steven's financial acumen and private equity expertise infused fresh vigor into the brand, orchestrating its expansion from Florida to the vast expanse of the USA and Canada. Vicci Eyewear's online resurgence was marked by a meticulously curated website featuring limited-edition collections, cutting-edge blue light technology, and the inclusion of free prescription lenses with optical frames. To enhance the user experience, a new 3D virtual try-on feature was unveiled, simplifying the selection process.

The Vicci Eyewear journey is a saga that seamlessly interweaves generations of passion, skill, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. From the intricate craftsmanship of Isaac Abramovici to the bold vision of David, and the strategic prowess of Steven, Vicci Eyewear stands as a beacon of innovation and timeless elegance, embracing a heritage that spans generations.


Sofia RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Sofia RX, Readers or Sunglasses $180.00
Elena RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Elena RX, Readers or Sunglasses $180.00
Tommaso RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Tommaso RX, Readers or Sunglasses $180.00
Benedetta RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Benedetta RX, Readers or Sunglasses $180.00
Marco RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Marco RX, Readers or Sunglasses $179.98
Miriam RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Miriam RX, Readers or Sunglasses $180.00
Valerius RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Valerius RX, Readers or Sunglasses $180.00
Brando RX, Readers or Sunglasses
Brando RX, Readers or Sunglasses $179.99

Team Bios

Steven Geduld embarked on his dynamic career in the heart of Wall Street, initially as a Market Maker on NASDAQ. His early success in finance spurred a deep dive into the complex realm of options trading. This exploration expanded his financial horizons as he ventured into shrewd investments in real estate and private equity. In 2021, Steven showcased his remarkable adaptability and keen eye for promising opportunities when he joined forces with David Abramovici. Together, they took the helm of Vicci Eyewear, driving its online growth and solidifying its presence in the market. "The journey with Vicci Eyewear is not just about selling eyewear, it's about creating a brand that understands and resonates with its customers, where every small win takes us a step closer to our vision." -Steven Geduld

David Abramovici, the visionary founder behind Vicci Eyewear, has redefined prescription eyewear e-commerce for women. With a heritage steeped in craftsmanship spanning over a century, David's family instilled an unwavering commitment to quality.

The Abramovici family's dedication to craftsmanship goes back at least four generations - more than 100 years. In the 1920s, Isaac Abramovici was a highly sought-after watchmaker in Romania. His son Arie Abramovici followed his father's path and started his own watch and jewelry boutique for over 40 years and became a master craftsman within the industry.

Arie taught his children that quality should always be their top priority. His son Aaron Abramovici was a jewelry manufacturer in Canada and carried on the tradition of excellence. Aaron’s son David worked as an apprentice in his factory and retail store to continue the family legacy of exquisite craftsmanship. As a teenager in Canada, David loved fashion. In addition to apprenticing at his father's factory, David also had an interest in eyewear that was nurtured by a family friend who owned an optical boutique. With his eye for quality and his innate ability to check the pulse of what consumers want, David learned the business of eyewear.

In 2010, David was sitting front row at Milan Fashion Week when the idea for VICCI Eyewear was born. He knew from his own experience that eyewear could be bold, elegant, and fun. After launching his first store in Florida, many of his retail customers began reaching for VICCI frames to fit their lifestyle. They preferred VICCI's high-quality craftsmanship and premium materials over household names, especially with the inclusion of free prescription lenses. Within four years, David opened seven retail locations in Florida.

In 2021. David partnered with Steven Geduld to expand the Vicci brand globally. Steven’s background in finance and private equity helped relaunch Vicci’s online business and expand from Florida to the entire USA and Canada. Vicci Eyewear launched its new website with limited-edition collections, new advanced blue light technology, and free prescription lenses with optical frames. Vicci Eyewear also developed an easier to use website with a new 3D virtual try-on experience.


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