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A craft cocktail bar experience in a can


Date Established 07/2019
Founder Hope Ewing, Tuan Lee
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Amy McCullaugh


Angelicano $5.99
Pale Mary
Pale Mary $5.99
Sundowner $5.99
Tiki Tea
Tiki Tea $5.99


Vervet specializes in canned, craft cocktails made with real ingredients. Launched in 2019, the company has emerged as the only true farm-to-can cocktail in the RTD world, offering four original recipes made with craft spirits and whole ingredients—never with lab-made flavors.

Vervet doesn't take shortcuts. The company's recipes are complex and developed with the drinker in mind; LA bartender & Co-Founder Hope Ewing didn’t take a known cocktail and can it, she made cocktails for the cans. She and her team use quality ingredients from California farms, build in small batches at a craft distillery using all their own spirits, bitters, and amaro, and utilize the best canning tech to ensure a bright, refreshing, effervescent experience. Vervet is available for nationwide shipping and local pickup/delivery via DRIZLY from Los Angeles' leading liquor retailers, including Bar Keeper, K&L Wine Merchants, Flask & Field, and Flask Fine Wine & Whisky. For more information, visit

Founding Story

Having drunk quite a few canned rosés at pool parties, LA bartender & Co-Founder Hope Ewing knew that canned cocktails were going to be big, and that the majority of them we’re going to be terrible: limp, pasteurized citrus and lazy recipes. She saw Vervet as my chance to put something of quality into the market and challenge her competitoris by taking the time to make everything from scratch—right down to the bitters and base spirits. 

Team Bios

Hope Ewing

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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Hope is a cocktail bartender, beverage director, and author of Movers & Shakers: Women Making Waves in Spirits, Beer, and Wine (Unnamed Press, October 2018). She has been tending bar in New York and Los Angeles for over a decade, and her writing on spirits and the hospitality industry has appeared in PUNCH, SevenFifty Daily, and Serious Eats, among others. She is responsible for recipe development and production oversight for Vervet.

Tuan Lee

Co-Founder & CEO

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Tuan is the barfly who started it all. Prior to founding Vervet, he made a career as a photographer, producer, and general boss of things. He has created and produced visual content for art exhibitions, fine art books, launch events and advertising of all types and scale. Since working successfully, and at times failing, on over a decade of projects with many different teams, Tuan has become skilled in finding the story to tell, strategic solutions, identifying larger trends and comprehensive communication.


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