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Verb Energy

Plant-powered, caffeinated snack bars that taste too good to be true


Date Established 05/2018
Founder Matt Czarnecki, André Monteiro, Bennett Byerley
Headquarters New York, NY
Food, Health & Wellness, Beverage, Fitness
Press Contact Abby Tellam


Verb is the energy company making better-for-you, plant-powered, caffeinated snack bars that taste too good to be true. Since launching in 2018, they’ve been on a mission to make great energy accessible, everyday.

Energy is what powers us through life—through long shifts, early school drop offs, and late night study sessions. It’s what allows us to achieve great things. But far too often we find ourselves burnt out and reaching for sugary and chemical-filled fixes that are unreliable, unsatisfying, and leave us feeling jittery and on our way to a crash.

The team at Verb knew there had to be a better way and set out to create a new kind of energy solution that’s accessible, healthy, reliable, and delicious. Verb’s green tea-powered snack bars pack as much caffeine as an espresso (without the jitters) and are made with all-natural, functional ingredients proven to enhance and support your energy levels and well being immediately and over time. Bonus: they’re vegan, gluten free, 90 calories, and under $2 a pop (goodbye overpriced lattes!).

With the help of their in-house chef and direct feedback from their community, Verb has introduced over 15 mouthwatering flavors like Cookie Butter, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, and Caramel Macchiato. They taste so good you’ll think it’s dessert.

Founding Story

Back in 2016, Verb’s founders, Matt, Bennett, and André, were college classmates trying to keep up with their busy schedules. One day, Matt waited in line to buy a coffee and a granola bar that cost him $6, 25 minutes, and a case of the jitters. Inspired to find a better solution, Matt and his friends set out to create a more reliable way to energize that didn’t compromise on taste or convenience. After experimenting with hundreds of recipes in dorm kitchens and local bakeries, they created the Verb Bar, a delicious, all-natural, green tea-powered snack bar that packs as much caffeine as an espresso (without the jitters). Fast forward to today—they’ve sold over 40 million bars, introduced more than 15 delicious flavors, and built an incredible community of people who are finding energy with Verb every single day.




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The perfect pick-me-up to keep alert and focused through a full day.

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Verb has managed to crack the code for delicious, all-natural energy.

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