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Date Established 10/2020
Founder Jenn Toyzer
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Jenn Toyzer


UME is a delightfully tart, lightly sweet plum liqueur that dances on the tongue and buoys the soul. The magic of UME is not limited to its ethereal taste - its royal purple hue transforms any libation into a gem-toned beauty, giving UME the enigmatic quality of a potion, where every cocktail is a magic trick. UME Plum Liqueur: the Purple Potion for a new era.

UME was created to transform the drinking experience – with a flavor so versatile and a color that enchants – adding UME to any drink makes it celebratory, delightful, an experience in and of itself. Pairing beautifully with any base spirit from vodka and tequila to whiskey, UME’s ease of use and limitless versatility position it as a category-defining spirit, the new secret sauce for every bar.

Inclusivity, respect, integrity and, above all, love are the core values of UME. In the World of UME, we welcome anyone who comes with an open heart and curious mind. UME’s mission is to positively impact and spread joy in the communities that we touch. We are committed to utilizing our platform to support disadvantaged and marginalized communities with the fundamental belief that everyone deserves equal rights, dignity, acceptance and love. Through ongoing initiatives, the brand donates a portion of sales to support trans, queer and womens’ rights, partnering with incredible organizations including For The Gworls, The Ali Forney Center, and Brigid Alliance. In addition, a significant portion of UME’s sponsorship and partnership budget supports performers and influencers in the queer and trans community.

Founding Story

UME was founded by two NYC women, Jenn Toyzer and Katharine Brandes, who left successful careers in finance and fashion to develop and introduce UME to the world. There was something seriously missing from the alcohol space for them – liquor that actually tastes good on its own. Vodka, tequila, and rum taste unpleasant to the uninitiated palate, and require a fair amount of additional ingredients to mask their intense alcoholic flavors. Where was the easy, sippable, mild-flavored spirit, they wondered, that could still elicit a pleasant, effervescent buzz? Inspired by the traditional plum spirits of Japan and their mother-countries in Eastern Europe, Jenn & Katy realized that the plum flavor profile, so rare in American spirits, could be the answer. They set out to create a sublime and otherworldly plum spirit, one that pleased their palates, that burst from the confines of staid, old-guard liquor categories and heralded a new era of drinking.

Scouring the world for the exact flavors, aromas, mouth feel and je-ne-sais-quoi they wanted their spirit to exhibit, Jenn & Katy partnered with renowned mixologists and sensory scientists. Together they identified ingredients that would give UME its heavenly characteristics and earthly form. Plum, dark cherry, grape, green apple, and citrus form the fruit-forward flavor base of UME, which is combined with a six-times distilled grain neutral spirit made from corn. With an alcohol content of 17%, UME strikes a perfect balance between mixer and sipper. UME is half of the sugar of traditional liqueurs and apéritifs, giving UME its distinctively light mouthfeel without sacrificing any of its unique and delightful flavor.

Unlike traditionally aged spirits, UME was not an act of nature but designed with intention and meticulous thought. Jenn & Katy created UME based on what they believed to be the perfect drink – a versatile beverage, light and delicious on its own, but powerful enough to mix in cocktails. Most importantly, UME was created with a vision of bringing to market a drink that is an experience in and of itself, an odyssey for the mind and senses.


UME Plum Liqueur
UME Plum Liqueur $34.99

Team Bios


Jenn Toyzer

Co-founder & CEO

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Prior to founding UME, Jenn graduated from MIT in 2010 and spent her entire career in finance, including over 8 years at Goldman Sachs where she focused on investing in consumer businesses, and led financings for companies in the consumer, hospitality and sports’ industries. Jenn lives in downtown New York.


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