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Date Established 12/2012
Founder Jacynda Smith
Headquarters Bellevue, IA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Savannah Boysen


TYME is a company dedicated to liberating women from their time-consumptive beauty rituals. The revolution began with their flagship tool, the patent-designed TYME Iron, and continued with the addition of the other innovative and thoughtfully designed products to their hair care line. TYME allows women to simplify their everyday lives by significantly reducing the time needed to achieve healthy, gorgeous hair. Less time spent on styling is precious time gained for living life, loving others, and changing the world. TYME's products quickly yield enviable results while helping all women exude their own unique beauty with confidence.

Founding Story

Being able to style hair well, wasn’t something Jacynda Smith considered as a career choice. It was just another skill needed to get through life.

After spending years supporting her husband's hockey career, Jacynda and her family found themselves in the Midwest and Jacynda found herself behind the chair. Her so-called “life skill” turned out to be their family’s lifeline.

Behind the chair, Jacynda brought a new level of confidence to the women every day. Like most stylists though, she was met with the same two questions:

“How do you get my hair to look like that?”


“Can you teach me how to do that?”

Jacynda knew there had to be a solution to the styling restrictions these women were experiencing and tapped the natural talents of her cousin, an engineer. Garage-fitted science experiments quickly turned revolutionary. By adding a twist - literally - to the design of the iron, Jacynda put serious curling power in the users’ hands. After piecing together the prototype, lovingly called FrankenTYME, Jacynda’s journey through TYME began.

Since the release of the original TYME Iron in 2014, TYME has upgraded its original design, added even more powerful heat tools that speed up the styling process, and created an entire hair care line that puts hair health and longevity at the forefront of their brand. They still approach each customer with the behind-the-chair experience through one-on-one virtual sessions to teach them how to use their product line to fit their lifestyle and hair goals.


TYME Iron Pro
TYME Iron Pro $125.00
BlowBrush $62.00
TYME Iron Air
TYME Iron Air $69.00
BlowTYME Hair Dryer
BlowTYME Hair Dryer $125.00
TYME Aura Kit
TYME Aura Kit $249.00
TYME Iron Pro + Paddle Brush + Travel Thermal Protectant
TYME Iron Pro + Paddle Brush + Travel Thermal Protectant $130.00
TYME Iron Pro + BlowTYME Hair Dryer
TYME Iron Pro + BlowTYME Hair Dryer $245.00
Limitless Universal Spray
Limitless Universal Spray $15.00
SelfieTYME Hairspray
SelfieTYME Hairspray $19.00
BigTYME Root Lift Powder
BigTYME Root Lift Powder $17.00
TYME Trial Kit
TYME Trial Kit $30.00
Paddle Brush
Paddle Brush $14.00
3-inch Round Brush
3-inch Round Brush $14.00
TYME Triangle Brush
TYME Triangle Brush $14.00
Detangler Brush
Detangler Brush $14.00
Shampoo Brush
Shampoo Brush $5.00
Uplift Bands
Uplift Bands $5.00

Team Bios

Transformation is a common theme in TYME CEO Jacynda Smith’s life. From constantly moving while supporting her husband’s career to motherhood and making the jump to inventor and CEO, the process of transforming has always been prevalent.

Jacynda’s time spent behind the chair propelled her to stop focusing on her faults and start focusing on her strengths. Which lead her to a deeper purpose to empower women to not only challenge their own beauty standards and hopefully transform them completely. Smith designed a hair care line that puts time back into the hands of women; more time to explore their beauty, more time to find joy, and more time to work toward their purpose, not just get ready for it.


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