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Unique, amphibious underwear for active guys


Date Established 05/2014
Founder Susan White
Headquarters Greenwich, CT
Fitness, Fashion
Press Contact Susan White


At the root of peak performance is a strong foundation. Founded in 2014 by Susan White, Turq was created to help lay that essential foundation for success.

Turq is a unique collection of amphibious performance underwear designed to keep active guys cool, dry and chafe-free. Turqs are made for movement and engineered for comfort.

Originally designed with watermen in mind, Turqs are not only the go-to underwear to wear under board shorts and wetsuits, but an essential base layer for any active man’s lifestyle.

Seamlessly knit with a ventilated air-flow construction using silver-infused antimicrobial microfibers, Turq’s are engineered to be quick-drying, odor-defying and non-chafing. Lightweight and supportive, Turqs are built to provide cool comfort all day.

Founding Story

The problem is--guys get chafed. It happens for lots of reasons, but the one plaguing Susan White's boys was the scratchy mesh liner in their swim trunks. Inevitably being cut out altogether.

As teenagers, they preferred boardshorts (which are unlined). But rather than "go commando" they were wearing cotton boxers underneath. Problematic (and gross) on many levels.

With a background in apparel design and product development Susan created the ultimate amphibious base-layer to take guys from surf to turf and boardwalk to boardroom in cool comfort all day.






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