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Date Established 05/2015
Founder Benson Liu
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Beverage, Food, Home
Press Contact Michelle Lee


Reserve 12oz Old Fashioned Glass
Reserve 12oz Old Fashioned Glass $29.99
Reserve 8oz Stemless Martini Glass
Reserve 8oz Stemless Martini Glass $29.99
Pop 16oz Mason
Pop 16oz Mason $19.99
Pop 14oz Vino
Pop 14oz Vino $11.99


Tossware makes sustainable, refined drinkware for both parties and homes.

Think of them as the everyday best - that perfect combo of high and low, of uptown style and downtown chill, of living it up and playing it down. They believe what is served should make guests feel at ease, not on guard, and that being on the best behavior is the worst party goal ever. To serve this more modern sensibility, they created drinkware that was forgiving, not fragile - a breeze to dole out, fill up, and clean up after. Seems obvious now, but it took some doing.

Founding Story

Founder, Benson Liu, and his team put a ton of work into research and development before a single drop of champagne was spilled. New materials for sustainability, clarity, resilience, function, and overall chicness were tested in the lab and the field. Now, multiple patents later, they got the formula down, working exclusively with a crystal-clear blend of recycled polymer (made with recycled water bottles) that's BPA-free, shatterproof, and super sustainable for the POP line. They then turned to the tried-and-true Tritan material known for its durability and resilience for the RESERVE line that's meant for daily use at home, in restaurants, and more.

Four years after they launched, TOSSWARE was listed as one of Inc. magazine's Fastest Growing Companies in America. Benson Liu was interviewed and featured in the September 2019 issue of Inc.




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