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Date Established 03/2018
Founder Marie Krane
Headquarters Galien, MI
Press Contact Sasha Earle


Vadouvan Curry Sipping Soup Duo
Vadouvan Curry Sipping Soup Duo $29.00
Original Heirloom Tomato Sipping Soup
Original Heirloom Tomato Sipping Soup $29.00
Clarified Tomato Broth Duo
Clarified Tomato Broth Duo $19.00


Tomato Bliss is a community-building art project turned into a mission-driven business aiming to save heirloom tomatoes from extinction through their tomato-based products.

Aiming to make a real difference, Tomato Bliss delivers consumers a choice beyond industrially-grown tomatoes; a choice that delivers unmatched flavor and that goes beyond organic’s promise to do less harm and aims to heal the soil.  

Today, they practice state-of-the-art regenerative growing practices in southwest Michigan. They grow heirloom tomatoes and partner directly with like-minded independent farmers (including Ten Hens Farms, Renegade Acres, and Kalerville Farm). The strong summer sun and mineral-rich healthy soil on their farms give Tomato Bliss its' remarkable flavor.

Founding Story

Marie Krane is the founder of the painting, installation, and performance collective Cream Co. A lifelong artist and urban gardener turned rural heirloom farmer, Marie believes in the radical proposition that all art and life are the product of connectedness among us.

In 2010, Krane's expertise and passion for growing conservation plants and heirloom tomatoes became a grounding part of the Cream Co. practice and the group began widely distributing heirloom tomato seedlings and creating guerilla urban heirloom tomato gardens in blighted areas and rooftops in Chicago. In 2015, looking to expand the possibilities of what Cream Co. could do, Krane moved to Lotus Flower Farm in Galien MI, where she began farming heirloom plants and tomatoes on a large scale and creating a fruit forest. 

In 2018, Krane launched Tomato Bliss, the first consumer packaged goods company to use rainbow varieties of heirloom tomatoes in pantry products. The company’s mission is to save heirloom tomatoes from extinction. Led by female eco-activist-artists turned social entrepreneurs, Tomato Bliss has begun an heirloom tomato revolution.


Marie Krane

Artist/Farmer, Founder of Tomato Bliss

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Urban-artist turned Galien-based heirloom tomato farmer, Marie Krane, loves growing heirloom tomatoes. She is the founder of Tomato Bliss, a woman-owned company that makes delicious food from artisanal blends of Michigan-grown, 100% heirloom, tomatoes. She lives and farms on Lotus Flower Farm, a certified naturally grown farm in Galien, Michigan. In addition to growing over 30 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, Marie enjoys converting weed fields into perennial meadows and fruit forests.




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