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Tiny Fish Co.

A woman-owned business inspiring the canned fish industry by sharing products that are sustainable, flavorful and tell the fish’s story from water to tin


Date Established 12/2021
Founder Sara Hauman
Headquarters Portland, OR
Press Contact Sophia Ayala


Rockfish in Sweet Soy Sauce
Rockfish in Sweet Soy Sauce $15.00
Smoked Geoduck with Black Pepper
Smoked Geoduck with Black Pepper $16.00


Launched nationwide, bringing flavors of Pacific Northwest waters to grocery shelves across the country. Owner Chef Sara Hauman—two time James Beard Rising Star semi-finalist and hometown fan favorite of Top Chef Portland 2021—introduces tinned fish with nuance, cooking each shelf-stable, Pacific Northwest local fish species with restaurant quality flavor. Inspired by the region’s abundance of underutilized fish and the ready-to-eat products more commonly seen in Europe’s and Asia’s markets, Tiny Fish Co. embraces flavors more often found in restaurants than in a tin.

The environmentally conscious company sources exclusively from the bounty of fish local to the Pacific Northwest. While trout, salmon and tuna traditionally take center stage, Chef Hauman sees sustainability in diversity; overfishing taxes the environment, but embracing ethically sourced fish in diets alleviates pressures of commercial fishing. An accomplished chef, Hauman embraces preservation traditions and local sourcing. Tiny Fish Co. hopes to encourage sustainable choices without compromising flavor.

Team Bios

Chef Sara Hauman is a two time James Beard Rising Star semi-finalist, hometown favorite of Top Chef Portland 2021 and Owner of Tiny Fish Co. Sara has been hard at work since her appearance on Top Chef, bringing her passion and creative interests to life with her very own canned Tiny Fish Company. Passionate about sustainability and sourcing local ingredients when possible, Sara found it a natural fit to create her very own tinned fish brand featuring PNW sustainably sourced fish that you wouldn’t typically see on your grocery store shelves.


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