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Tia Lupita Foods

Better-for-you, authentic Mexican inspired food made with simple, sustainable ingredients


Date Established
Founder Hector Saldivar
Headquarters Tiburon, CA
Press Contact Hector Saldivar


Cactus Grain-Free Tortillas
Cactus Grain-Free Tortillas $7.99
Cactus Tortillas
Cactus Tortillas $6.99
Tia Lupita® Hot Sauces
Tia Lupita® Hot Sauces $6.99


Tia Lupita Foods makes authentic better-for-you Mexican foods inspired by the recipes of founder Hector’s mom, Tia Lupita. When Hector moved to San Francisco, CA, Tia would ship her handcrafted hot sauce from his childhood home in Monterrey, Mexico so he always had a taste of home with him. Tia Lupita Foods was created to share the most delicious Mexican food made with simple, better-for-you, sustainable ingredients, because they believe that Food is Love.

‍Tia Lupita Foods' current brand line up features 4 distinctly different hot sauces with flavorful heat: Hot Sauce, Salsa Verde, Chipotle and Habanero, 2 Cactus Tortillas: one Cactus Corn Masa Tortilla and one Grain-Free Cactus Tortilla made with Renewal Mill upcycled okara flour and 5 varieties of Grain-Free Cactus Tortilla Chips: Sea Salt, Hot Sauce, Salsa Verde, Chipotle and Habanero.

Tia Lupita Foods uses Nopales Cactus, one of the most sustainable and resilient plants on earth, because it's better for the environment and better-for-you: high in fiber, low in carbohydrates with superfood antioxidant properties resembling goji berry, moringa, kelp, and kale. Their partnership with Renewal Mill allows them to use Okara flour in their Grain-Free tortilla. Okara is an upcycled ingredient- the fiborous part of soybeans that is left over from soy milk production and typically discarded, further supporting their commitment to sustainability.

Founding Story

Hector Saldivar's mother, affectionately known as Tia Lupita ("Aunt Lupita" in Spanish), filled the family kitchen with love and good food, perfecting the family hot sauce recipe to create a delightful balance of heat and flavor. When Hector moved to San Francisco, California, Tia would ship him bottles of her hot sauce, to make certain he always had a taste of home with him. Hector shared the love and knew it was too good to keep to himself, so he returned to Mexico and asked for his mother's blessing to bottle the sauce for all to enjoy.

The brand is named Tia Lupita to honor his mom and the legacy of the family recipe. Tia's likeness on the label pays homage to her most-loved trademark: wearing a curler on her head while she cooks to keep her bangs out of her eyes! More creative, healthy products have joined the lineup including Grain Free Cactus Tortilla Chips and Cactus Tortillas that feature ingredients that are better for you and the planet. A commitment to healthy, sustainable ingredients has become a core brand tenet as the Tia Lupita Foods family continues to grow.  


Hector Saldivar

Founder/ CEO

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Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Hector attended Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, graduated with a Bachelor  Degree in International Commerce for his undergrad and later received a Masters Degree in European Business Administration from the EDHEC Business School,

Hector moved to the USA in 2005 as a territory sales manager for a Mexican startup and moved up the ranks through the years working at companies like Nestle USA and Diamond Foods. Hector is now the founder and owner of Tia Lupita® Foods, a better for you, healthy Mexican-inspired food brand that uses clean and simple ingredients in all of their products. Tia Lupita® is also the first brand to introduce Nopales Cactus as an alternative, functional and sustainable ingredient in the USA market.


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