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Date Established 01/2017
Founder Cindy Nichols
Headquarters Canton, Ohio
Travel & Tourism
Press Contact Brian Nichols


The Wordy Traveler is a subscription book club that transports our subscribers across the world from their favorite reading spot. Our community of readers have a love for travel and a heart for giving back, making the world a better place one book at a time.

Each quarter, our subscribers are transported across the world through

1) their choice of expertly curated travel narratives

2) ethically-sourced tea and coffee evocative of the featured country or region

3) locally-sourced artisanal items

Most importantly, every subscription box we ship provides life-changing nutrition to two children and/or pregnant women around the globe. We also support the regions we feature by sourcing items from local artisans, small businesses, and emerging writers.

Our subscribers customize their journey by choosing the number of books included (one to six) and if those books will be fiction, non-fiction, or a combination of both.

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Founding Story

The idea first came to me when I was searching for a subscription box for myself that combined my love of literature and my passion for travel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one that appealed to me. I started to brainstorm and think about why I love travel and literature, why I purchase the products I do, and what are my values as a consumer? Then I decided to combine my answers to those questions and create a different kind of subscription offering. Not one that focuses on cheap giveaways and free advertising, but rather how much we can use our resources to create positive and lasting change.

The curated travel narratives are the foundation of each of our Journeys. Each box strives to showcase different viewpoints from a specific country or region, to inspire travel, and to break down barriers through personal connections - all while giving back. We appreciate feedback from our subscribers (fellow travelers) and we are always looking to feature the very best in travel literature.

Next is our ethically-sourced tea evocative of each country or region. We work with a tea company in Ohio who takes a very active role in sourcing their items. They visit the farms they purchase from and see the workers and their environment at these farms. Each tea is sourced from farms that pay their workers a living wage that allows them to take care of their families. We have chosen Fair Dinkum Coffee Co as our partner for the coffee included in our boxes. Fair Dinkum Coffee Co is a non-profit coffee company that donates 100% of their profits to youth in their surrounding communities. They order all of their coffee beans from organic family farms in the mountains of Columbia and Peru. There are many different ways to source products but we choose to focus on companies and farms that place a premium on standards and not just cost.

The included artisanal items are designed to be a tangible inspiration of travel and to remind us of the impact we are making. Once again, we pay a fair price for these items. We do not ask artists to give us free items in return for press or exposure. We value their gifts and talents.

Lastly and most importantly, each box provides life-changing nutrition for two children or pregnant women throughout the world. When we began, we focused on primarily text books and medicine but realized that various regions had different needs. We looked at various charities and their rankings and considered factors such as what percentage of donations actually went to those they help versus salaries and costs, what are their reputations in the regions they serve, and what charities make the most difference with the donations they receive. For all of us, this has been the most exciting part of The Wordy Traveler.

Cindy Nichols, Founder


The Wordy Traveler Classic Subscription
The Wordy Traveler Classic Subscription $54.99
The Wordy Traveler Culinary Subscription
The Wordy Traveler Culinary Subscription $64.99

Team Bios

Cindy Nichols is an inspiring entrepreneur and the Founder of The Wordy Traveler, a book subscription service that takes avid readers on a literary journey around the world. Her passion for travel, philanthropy, and literature has been the driving force behind the success of The Wordy Traveler.

Before founding The Wordy Traveler, Cindy traveled the world as a photographer capturing unique images of people and landscapes. Her desire to explore and learn about the world's diverse cultures led her to launch The Wordy Traveler in 2017, an innovative book subscription service that aims to share the world's stories with avid readers.

The Wordy Traveler is a mission-driven company that partners with non-profit organizations to promote literacy and education around the world. Each subscription box shipped provides life-saving nutrition for two children and/or pregnant women acros the globe.

Cindy believes that through The Wordy Traveler, readers can broaden their minds and deepen their understanding of the world, one book at a time. Her dedication to philanthropic causes and her love for traveling and reading are truly inspiring. Cindy's vision continues to inspire a global community of readers who want to explore the world and understand its people, all through the power of literature.




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