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Date Established 02/2019
Founder Elle Torres
Headquarters Boston, MA
Home, Beauty, Fashion
Press Contact Elle Torres


Elba $100.00
Mila $95.00


Started in 2019 by entrepreneur Elle Torres, The Rose Maven is a lifestyle brand that celebrates life’s special moments with bouquets of real roses that last a year or more. Delicately preserved to endure the test of time, these floral arrangements add a touch of elegance to any space.

Roses are natural and imported from Ecuador. Painstakingly arranged into keepsake boxes and designed to celebrate love, joy, success, and many other happy moments in life. Each bouquet is named after real women with extraordinary stories of courage and inspiration, making them even more special! All bouquets are handmade and on account of their uniqueness, limited in quantity.

Preserved roses are the hottest floral trend today. Favored by celebrities and influencers all over social media. Dubbed as “Instagram Roses”, these babies are all the rage.

Founding Story

Founded by Elle Tores and launched in the Spring of 2019 to bring people closer with unique and personalized floral designs. When her sister gifted her a dozen roses at her college graduation a few years ago, she loved what they represented. 

Elle didn't want the roses to wilt days later because they meant so much to her - She wished to keep them forever! That's when the idea to use preserved florals for meaningful occasions emerged. Elle knew she wanted to create significant bouquets that never wilt. She designs each bouquet to represent the moments you celebrate and make people happy. 

It has been an exceptional honor to be part of the happy memories people celebrate, as well as the new ones Rose Maven bouquets represent (like an engagement recently). This brand is very dear to Elle's heart, and it reflects that in every arrangement she puts together. Adding personal touches to make every bouquet unique is one of the best parts of everything she does.


Elle Torres

Founder, CEO, Designer

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Elle obtained a degree in Communications from the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2018. Thereafter, she pursued the path of entrepreneurship and business opportunities.