Introducing The Phoenix Brand: Zero Impact, Biodegradable, Street Wear New street wear apparel brand l aunches premier capsule i n collaboration with hip-hop fusion brass band, Flowmingos.
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New York, February 1, 2020. Today, The Phoenix Brand (“Phoenix”), a new street wear

apparel brand prioritizing the earth, science and art, announces its launch. The Phoenix

Brand’s apparel is 100% plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. The brand’s garments are

designed to be non-gender, and a mix of bold, functional everyday staples alongside artistic

collaboration-driven capsules.

Phoenix’s designs are inspired by art, backed by science and motivated by the protection of

the earth and its people. For years now, the fashion industry’s dependence on plastic-based

fabrics have steadily increased. It is estimated that 65% of all fibers used today are made

from plastic, with this number continuing to grow every year. Phoenix rigorously selects

novel fibers which avoid fossil fuels and biodegrade naturally and eliminates chemicals

typically used in dyeing and finishing plastic clothing. The company is committed to

reducing its earthly impact to positively affect the health of its workers, communities, and


“Phoenix strives to lead the apparel industry with a healthier, artistic, more progressive

approach to fashion,” said Gabrielle Gomes, Co-Founder of The Phoenix Brand. “We are

committed to using only 100% biodegradable and plastic-free fabrics that are setting a new

standard for a non-pollutive approach to fashion.”

Phoenix’s launch collection is in collaboration with hip-hop fusion brass band, Flowmingos.

The capsule is developed using post-industrial recycled cotton and wood pulp created using

a closed-loop process, both of which degrade naturally in under six months. Phoenix aims to

uplift emerging artists by giving them a platform to express their talent through a different

medium: clothing. The Phoenix x Flowmingos capsule tells a story of struggle, failure,

survival and success as a group of four musicians break down genre barriers in the

cut-throat music industry.

For more information or to shop Phoenix, please visit and follow

the brand on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok @thephoenixbrand.

About The Phoenix Brand

The Phoenix Brand (“Phoenix”) was born out of a need for bold garments that are

non-pollutive, and safer for the earth, and for its people. Phoenix is a mission-centric apparel

business, rooted in developing plant-based biodegradable alternatives to the synthetic and

plastic-based materials that dominate the apparel industry today. Phoenix uses material

science as a basis for identifying and developing toxin-free and natural materials, without

sacrificing its commitment to style.

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