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Date Established 03/2020
Founder Gabrielle Gomes & Trina Assur
Headquarters New York City
Press Contact Trina Assur


EL RANCHO Heavyweight Fleece
EL RANCHO Heavyweight Fleece $85.00
'Western' Lyocell Two-Way Zip Top
'Western' Lyocell Two-Way Zip Top $85.00
'FLOWMINGOS' Lyocell Bowling Top
'FLOWMINGOS' Lyocell Bowling Top $75.00
100% Recycled Cotton Tee
100% Recycled Cotton Tee $25.00
'BANDELIER' Organic Cotton Tee
'BANDELIER' Organic Cotton Tee $30.00


The Phoenix Brand is a material science company on a mission to eradicate plastic based fabrics and toxic chemicals from the apparel industry through empowering consumers and brands to choose plastic-free and toxin-free options. Today’s apparel industry is dependent on plastic fabrics and toxic chemicals, and has become a leading contributor to worldwide pollution. The Phoenix Brand only uses the most ecological materials that don’t expose our bodies or the planet to harmful plastics and chemicals. Their materials are plant-based, biodegradable, and of the highest quality.

The Phoenix Brand’s apparel is built on the premise that clothing should tell a story and represent the values of the wearer. Their story-driven artist collaborations are built upon this idea. They create limited edition capsules around rising artists, showcasing their inspiring journeys. Through these artists and their shared values, The Phoenix Brand is able to share their version of sustainability within the apparel space. They have also established an 'Artist Fund', in which a portion of sales goes towards fueling the artists work.

Founding Story

The Phoenix Brand’s journey did not start with their passion for apparel. Rather, it began with a profound personal connection to health. Their life experiences and teachings led them to the realization that our health is no longer in our complete control, but that it is deeply influenced by the environmental ecosystem in which we live. Though we do all the right things for our health (exercise, meditation, eating organic, etc.), it is in the factors that we can’t control, i.e. environmental pollutants, that our long term wellbeing is being compromised.

The birth of The Phoenix Brand came on the tailwinds of other industries doing their part. The Phoenix Brand team had seen an overhaul of the food industry, with every grocery store now carrying organic products. Then they saw it in the beauty industry, with a massive push towards natural inputs and no toxins. As this was happening, The Phoenix Brand was observing first-hand this transition happening in the broader textile industry. In 2018, they found themselves at a mission centric business, Boll & Branch, whose goal was putting the life and health of supply chain workers first. While there, they had a first-hand view into how to build a better supply chain, and how detrimental the alternative was.

The Phoenix Brand’s attention naturally turned to the one corner of the textile industry that seemed to be ignored – apparel. Throughout the last few decades, the fashion industry has seen a growing dependence on plastic based fabrics, particularly polyester, which requires toxic chemical inputs. The byproducts of these garments, not only in production, but also during their life, and after disposal, has become a leading contributor to environmental pollution. After countless hours of research, and endless personal struggle trying to find options that were not either too bland and boring, or too expensive, it became apparent that there is a huge white space in this vast market, and consumer needs were not being met. From this, The Phoenix Brand was born.

Team Bios

Trina spent the early part of her career in Investment Banking roles, spanning across the Technology and Media & Entertainment industries, at both middle-market and bulge bracket firms (Oppenheimer & Co. and J.P. Morgan). In 2015, she went to business school at the University of Chicago, where she teamed up with a classmate to help build what is now Tovala. In that role, she learned data driven product development strategies, how to build an effective go-to-market plan, and how to fund growth at digitally native businesses.

From the beginning of her career, Gabrielle has worked in various marketing analytics roles across the gaming, hospitality, luxury fashion, and consumer goods industries. Over 10 years, she built experience in strategic brand development and cross-channel marketing, rooted in consumer analytics. She has developed consumer journey roadmaps, acquisition and retention strategies, customer reinvestment matrices, and campaign effectiveness, across both institutional brands (MGM Resorts International and Chanel) and early-stage start-ups (Revel Entertainment and Boll & Branch).



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