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The Patch Brand

Topical vitamin wellness patches made to help improve energy, immunity and sleep


Date Established 07/2021
Founder Gil Brozki, David Winthers
Headquarters Los Angeles
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Taylor Elfstrom


Sleep Patch
Sleep Patch $12.00
Immunity Patch
Immunity Patch $12.00
Energy Patch
Energy Patch $12.00


The Patch Brand’s vitamin wellness patches contain a careful blend of high quality ingredients that are designed to go right into your bloodstream, without any trade-offs. The brand's top priority is to make the best nutritional supplements and formulations in a delivery method that allows you to be your best! The Patch Brand is vitamin wellness supplements reimagined. The patches contain the same bioavailability as a regular vitamin, without any of the side effects or negative ingredients. The patches also steadily release ingredients over 24 hours to ensure an even dose through the day or night and activate within minutes, which can also be seen by the disappearance of our thermo ink.

Founding Story

The Patch Brand was started by a few friends who decided they were done making unhealthy trade-offs with every supplement they took. Each patch they make has the same bioavailability as a comparable vitamin capsule, without any dangerous or unnecessary filler, and releases evenly over the course of use. They wanted to make a product that would make lives better everywhere! Their patch supplements feature botanical blends used by herbalists for years, that are ready to be safely absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes of activation. A healthy boost is just one patch away. So get ready to peel, stick, and power up today with The Patch Brand!


Gil Brozki is an entrepreneur, brand builder, producer, and creator. Now Co-Founder and CEO of R30 Ventures, Gil spent the last 5 years building brands for all the major retailers across the world. Having built 20+ brands, Gil specializes in brand development, influencer partnerships, retailer relationships, and marketing. Gil’s journey began at 17 years old in Los Angeles where his first job was the gross stunt PA on Fear Factor. From picking all the bugs and blood, to changing peoples lives on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, he spent the first 7 years of his career learning the ins and outs of the reality television world. 35 different shows, Emmy Nominated and one of the youngest Producers in television, Gil decided to pivot his entrepreneurial passions to building great brands that help people live their best lives.

David Winthers has been in and around finance his entire life. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics, David took the corporate route and landed a job with one of the world’s largest insurance companies, Berkshire Hathaway. After being tasked to move to San Diego to help start up a satellite office, he quickly moved up the corporate ladder; writing and maintaining multi- million dollar insurance policies while creating successful partnerships with some of the largest insurance brokers in the nation. In 2021, David left the corporate insurance world behind and co-founded R30 Ventures with Gil to create the next great millennial focused CPG brands.


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