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the ness

A beat based, low - impact, high-intensity trampoline cardio and sculpt workout


Date Established 03/2019
Founder Colette Dong and Aly Giampolo
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Colette Dong


the ness digital
the ness digital $39.99
the ness nyc studio
the ness nyc studio $40.00
private training
private training $175.00


The ness workout method is anything but ordinary, offering bounce, a beat based trampoline class that will challenge you both mentally and physically and sculpt, the perfect complement to bounce that will leave you strong, balanced and focused. Perfect for any age or body type, the ness trampoline is springless, providing a low impact sweat with a myriad of health benefits including but not limited to lymphatic drainage, pelvic floor strength and cardiovascular endurance. Whether you are at home or at the studio, class is like an effervescent private session with your friends. Top trainers take off their hats and join you in sweating through an effective and engaging workout.

Founding Story

After dedicating the first 20+ years of their lives studying and practicing movement, our founders met as professional dancers in NYC. While training, both were warned that running and other high impact workouts would be detrimental to their professional dance careers. In search of a high intensity, low impact option, they discovered the trampoline as a satisfyingly sweaty form of cross - training. Experiencing what a positive impact the unique piece of equipment had on their personal bodies and minds, they were inspired to concentrate a method and share the lasting benefits of rebounding with their community.


Colette Dong is a movement addict with multiple degrees in dance performance and exercise science. After pioneering the Dance Science department at Elon University, she went on to work in the research department at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. Prior to founding the ness, Colette gained experience in the fitness industry as trainer and operations director for several boutique studios across NYC.

Aly Giampolo

Founder & Method Director

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Aly Giampolo, graduated from Westminster College of the Arts with a BA in dance performance, concentrating in teaching and pedagogy. While obtaining her degree, she performed and choreographed with Vissi Dance Theater with works showcased throughout the United States, Italy, Jamaica, and Japan. Prior to founding the ness, she began her fitness journey teaching at top boutique studios in NYC and has since amassed a cult following as a celebrity trainer with clients such as Eva Longoria. Aly holds a NASM fitness training certification, along with a pre + postnatal pilates certification.


They are so fun and wayyy tougher than they look (which i mean in the best way)! Love the instructors, the music, and my new ness trampoline! ♥️ Wish I found this earlier!!!

Christina R.

It is such a great mind body experience with THE best music and instructors. It has been an actual quarantine savior with the positive instructors and up beat music! It is just at much of as a mental challenge as it is physical and has totally changed my body, metabolism, and mental status. I <3 The Ness!

Caroline R.

Waiting on my trampoline and have started the cardio sculpt classes and they are fantastic! Also a great way to get used to their class format with the combos before we really get into it via bounce.

Hannah M.

I have been bouncing for many years (at the studio) because it is an incredible workout, SO fun and therapeutic (I feel very calm at the end of class). Then last year (when we were all spending a lot of time at home) I took the plunge and bought a trampoline which was the best decision- my days instantly got better when I got my morning classes in, whether live or subscription classes. I promise you it’s worth the time and investment!

Betsy H.

So much positive energy and fun challenges along the way to keep things fresh and me motivated. New content is produced weekly and everything they put out is engaging and so thoughtful. These workouts put me in a better headspace and make me feel empowered to take on the day!

Megan W.

The Ness is more to me than just a fitness experience, it is a community of constant and flexible support. The instructors are all professional and provide a level of training I yearn for as a 29 year old athlete, performer, and someone who desires living a healthy lifestyle. The Ness team also offers a friendship that is based upon positivity and meeting you where you are at when you are able to come together and workout. Having the Ness in my life has been such a blessing during such an uncertain time. I highly recommended tuning in, showing up, getting FIT and engaging with this group of smart, kind, and talented people.

Audrey P.

I have taken bounce/tramp classes with several "big name" boutique fitness folks, the ness far outshines each of them. Combos that make you think, get your heart pumping, and consider the safety of the body--this IS the workout you've been searching for.

Maggie M.


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