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The Meditation Chair

Most Comfortable Meditation Chair (and Beautiful!)


Date Established 12/2022
Founder Kara Northcut
Headquarters Los Angeles
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Kara Northcut


The most comfortable chair, designed for optimum spinal support and sitting for longer periods of time. The seat of The Meditation Chair is extra wide for sitting in lotus or however your legs feel most relaxed, while the back has a slight convex curve to help keep the spine straight so your body and mind feel fully rested during your time of tuning in.

Founding Story

As a former interior designer, Kara was having a hard time finding the perfect chair she wanted in her own home, specifically for meditation. There were a lot of "meditation" chairs online, but Kara found most to be not all that aesthetically pleasing nor comfortable looking! So she designed one that was both functional and has that classic, cozy, warm, iconic design vibe going. It's all those things, and makes sitting in meditaiton that much more beneficial.


Meditation Chair - Medium
Meditation Chair - Medium $1850.00
Silk Meditation Cushion
Silk Meditation Cushion $325.00


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