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Toronto, Canada (February 2021) - The Kegel Release Curve, a premium pelvic floor wand, making perineal massage easier for women during pregnancy and throughout life, just launched in the US. Designed by pelvic physiotherapist Kate Roddy, the KR Curve is a premium pelvic wand used to massage perineal muscles internally. It works by releasing tension from the muscles so they can work optimally. Made from medical-grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror finish, the tool is durable, luxuriously smooth and completely non-porous; available to purchase at for $138.

The KR Curve enables women to massage these muscles more easily. Its gently curved S-shape is ergonomic and features a dual-end design, with a narrow end for general use and a wide end for graduated prenatal birth canal massage (also known as birth canal widening).

Pelvic floor muscles play a critical role in everything from bladder and bowel control to pleasure during sex. But childbirth, pelvic injury or surgery, and even stress can cause these muscles to become chronically tense, which can cause bladder control problems (incontinence) and vaginal pain during sex. Perineal massage is effective for releasing tense pelvic floor muscles, and it’s also recommended to women in the last six weeks of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth.

The KR Curve is ideal for general pelvic floor care and treatment of a variety of conditions, including:

Pelvic floor health - Preventative care is always better than trying to treat problems, and regular perineal massage with the KR Curve is a simple way to keep your pelvic floor muscles in good working order. Dyspareunia (painful penetrative sex) - What makes sex painful is the involuntary contraction of the muscles around the opening of the vagina and tightness in the vaginal muscles. The KR Curve helps to reduce this pain.Childbirth prep - The vagina goes through a lot during childbirth, but perineal massage in the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy can help make delivery and recovery a bit easier. The KR Curve was designed with a wide end specifically to help with the widening of the birth canal.Postnatal care - After giving birth, the pelvic muscles and tissues are stretched, sore and swollen. The KR Curve can be used externally as a soothing cold-pack to help relieve pain and inflammation.Incontinence (involuntary peeing) - This is caused by weak pelvic floor muscles and excessive tightness. The KR Curve can help stretch these tissues and achieve that muscular release.Pelvic surgery and fractures - When you have a fracture or surgery, the body experiences trauma and muscles tense up. The KR Curve will make it much easier to release muscles in that area.

Founder Kate Roddy shares, “Recovering from vagina issues myself, I wanted to create something that would make perineal massage easier for women. The Kegel Release Curve is the most unique pelvic floor wand on the market due to its shape, weight and heating and cooling effects. It’s my goal to change and destigmatize how women view pelvic health and it will start with education and preventative care.”

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