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Date Established 02/2021
Founder Nina Oberfeld
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Nina Oberfeld


The FOOTCLOUD is a new to market company aiming to disrupt and elevate the foot care industry; an industry which has not seen innovation or change in decades. FOOTCLOUD is taking the stigma out of foot pain and enabling people to look and feel their best every day. Instead of Dr. Scholls, think Skims or Spanx for the feet.

FOOTCLOUD is empowering people to make their favorite shoes feel more comfortable so they won't need to choose between comfort and style. Before spending time shopping for a new pair of comfortable shoes, people can try FOOTCLOUD's inexpensive gels and give their uncomfortable work shoes, high heels or shoes that sit in the back of the closet, another chance. Adding cushioning and comfort enables people to cut down on waste and consumption, enjoy and feel good about the shoes they've already invested in, and look and feel their best.

FOOTCLOUD is a female founded and owned company. They are inclusive and design their products for every body and everyday life - the workplace, the pickleball court, the dance floor, and just walking around. It's the ultimate shoe hack.

The Mission

FOOTCLOUD believes true beauty comes from within. It is their mission to provide tools to help everyone look and feel their best while working, or on a night out. The emotional connection people feel with their shoes make them look and feel good, until they don't. When shoes hurt, we remember that pain and avoid them. FOOTCLOUD is on a mission to help everyone re-cushion their feet so they can go shopping in their own closet, recycle, and use the shoes they already have. FOOTCLOUD wants to empower everyone to look good and feel good, every day.


FOOTCLOUD is encouraging people to re-try their current shoes before buying new. They partner with a recycling company where customers can mail in their used cushions, and FOOTCLOUD will ship them to their recycling partner who melts them down and repurposes the silicone. This helps reduce waste going to the landfill. FOOTCLOUD loves the planet and believes every bit helps.

Founding Story

FOOTCLOUD Founder, Nina, a mom of 3, knows firsthand how putting on a nice pair of shoes can make you feel dressed up and elegant. She suddenly began suffering from foot pain and couldn't wear her favorite high heels. She bought and tried every foot pain solution on the market but nothing worked with open toe, strappy heels. She went to her orthopedic doctor and he explained that the cushioning pad on the bottom of the foot decreases over time, making the foot more sensitive - the only way to prevent inflammation and pain is to wear soft rubber shoes or bulky inserts.

Nina wasn't willing to give up wearing her beautiful shoes or suffer in pain. She "THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE shoeBOX" and invented and patented the FOOTCLOUD to re-cushion the foot. She designed the cushion to fit every foot size and made it in 2 translucent colors that work with any skin tone. Out of necessity, she invented this small thin cushion, patented it, and now enjoys sharing this amazing shoe hack with everyone.


FOOTCLOUD® Reusable Adhesive Gel Cushions Light/Medium or Medium/Dark
FOOTCLOUD® Reusable Adhesive Gel Cushions Light/Medium or Medium/Dark $19.99


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