The Caviar Co. 2021 Holiday Gift Sets Indulge your loved ones this holiday season!
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With the holidays coming up soon, gifts are on everyone’s minds and I wanted to introduce you to The Caviar Co.'s offerings. We are a San Francisco-based purveyor of fine caviar and with our wide selection of caviar, accoutrement, and accessories, there are gift options at every price point. Along with a la carte options where you can mix and match exactly what you are looking for, we also make it easy for you with our carefully curated gift sets. Below are two of our most best selling gift sets during the holidays that we feel will be a fun and unique addition to your gift guide:

  1. The Ultimate Caviar Flight Cooler Set (International, $250) - We offer 3 different caviar cooler flights, but our International flight is a great mid range option because it includes three 1oz jars of both domestic and imported caviars. With a reusable cooler, blinis, creme fraiche and mother of pearl spoons, this set includes everything you need to have a night of indulgence.
  2. The 1oz. Trio Gift Box (Imported, $ 399.00) - For those who are looking to impress, we offer three 1oz jars of premium imported caviar packed with three mother of pearl spoons in our black gift box. Our gift box set is a great way to display all three caviars and adds an extra level of luxury to the gift.

Whether the gift receiver is new to caviar or is an adventurous foodie, this will be the ultimate gift for anyone looking for some extra luxury for the holiday season. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you are interested in learning more about our other offerings!

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