Give Mom the Gift of Bacon this Mother's Day Celebrate Mom Today and Every Day with Curated Artisan Bacon Gift Boxes for Mom
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EMERYVILLE, CA., — If your mom is anything like ours, you know that the standard card, flowers, or candy just won’t do when you are trying to show her your love, appreciation, and gratitude. Sure, it’s pretty easy to reach for the roses, grab a Hallmark® sentiment, or hit the nearest chocolate shop (don’t get us wrong, our moms don’t mind these). However, when we asked our moms what they’d really appreciate, we got your typical mom-isms: “We just want you to be happy,” “I have everything I need,” and “I can just buy what I want,” ... Ah, but they raised us better and they also gave us a little hint. Each of our moms independently said—and in very similar ways, so we’ll paraphrase— “I’ll never say no to more of your bacon!”  

WOW MOM—The Ambigram We Love Most

Let’s give it up for Mom—not just on Mother’s Day but every day. She’s the one who wiped our tears (and our rears). She’s always there when we need a pep talk, a dose of reality, a hug, a shoulder to lean on, a place to do laundry, and a home-cooked meal. Moms everywhere deserve a huge round of applause and much more because they have been WOW-ing us our entire lives. So, if you want to get your mom the ultimate gift of love, why not give her the gift of bacon. She deserves something fabulous and completely unforgettable...don’t you want to be her favorite? 

Not quite sure where to begin? The Baconer can help you navigate the Wonderful World of Mother’s Day Bacon Gifts! Psst...your mom’s unique personality may be the key to identifying her true bacon profile. Is your mom:

The Classic Mom

Is she someone who is timeless and never goes out of style? If your Mom checks this box, we recommend our Small Batch Bacon Strip Box: a 4-pack or 6-pack bundle of premium-quality, thick-cut bacon strips that she’ll love with breakfast, on sandwiches, or wrapped around a meatloaf. 

The Keto, Paleo, Whole30® Mom

Is Mom crushing a high-protein and/or sugar-free diet? Is she on the lookout for new flavor-packed recipes to fuel the burn and stay on course? If so, the Uncured & Sugar-Free Bacon Box, featuring three indulgent thick cuts that are sugar-free, and minimally processed, is her new BFF in the kitchen.‍

The Top Chef Mom‍

Perhaps your mom is a true kitchen ninja, executing the very finest cuisine with her honed palette and acute precision. The Mega Bacon Box is a bacon experience featuring our entire line-up, ensuring she’s got exactly the right cut at exactly the right time for every recipe she wants to craft. She’ll love cooking with an old favorite in entirely new ways, and (BONUS) you just might get a taste too!‍

The Set-It-And-Forget-It Mom‍

Imagine a box of artisan bacon showing up at Mom’s house! All she has to do is open it, cook it up and enjoy. With The Baconer’s “Subscribe & Save” option, you can choose from our curated bacon boxes and set up recurring delivery every 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. You’ll save 20% on the first shipment and 10% on every shipment after that. This way, your mom can enjoy absurdly delicious bacon delivered directly to her doorstep, and you’ve given her a gift that keeps on giving!

Not really sure which bacon cuts and flavors might be best for mom? That's okay too. We think a gift certificate makes a perfect present. Tip: find out what she’s ordered with it and invite yourself over for dinner. 

To see all the bacon box purchase possibilities for moms, shop our collections at  The Baconer. Celebrate mom and give her the ultimate expression of love this year by showering her with bacon! It's only fitting that this year she receives a gift equal to her grandeur!

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