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Date Established 05/2019
Founder Alyx Coble-Frakes
Headquarters Brighton, IA
Tech, Health & Wellness, Parenting
Press Contact Alyx Coble-Frakes


The Agenda. App
The Agenda. App $9.99


The Agenda. is a planning system and app that helps folks understand the four phases of their menstrual cycle, and use that information to inform their planning and increase their productivity!

Founding Story

In 2018 Alyx started a health coaching company. Entrepreneurship was challenging but she was determined to figure it out. A mentor recommended that she start tracking her sales conversions, and when she did that she found that she had HIGHER SALES CONVERSIONS during the ovulation phase of her cycle! That piece of data got her so curious about working smarter not harder. She had learned about "cycle syncing" - the practice of changing what you eat and how you exercise for the phases of the cycle. But hadn't heard anyone talking about it in the world of work. Thus the idea for The Agenda. Planner was born. The original product showed folks how to time block with the 4 phases of the cycle. They took everything that was learned from product one to create The Agenda. App!

The Agenda. team is determined to ensure that every woman and menstruator on the planet has access to the education, empowerment, and supplies to live in a cyclical body with dignity!

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