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African Superfood Restaurant


Date Established
Founder Pierre Thiam
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY USA
Press Contact Pierre Thiam


Teranga delivers a menu that is rooted in traditional African home cooking and that highlights ancient, nutrient-dense crops which have been cultivated in Africa for centuries. Inspired by Teranga Co-Founder and Executive Chef, Pierre Thiam, who grew up in West Africa, Teranga effortlessly melds rich and diverse culinary customs in a modern, fast casual setting. Offering DIY Grain Bowls, Cocktails, Beer & Wine in an outdoor dining setting or for delivery and take out. Ingredients are thoughtfully sourced in collaboration with smallholder farmers in Africa and local producers in America. Intricacies of African culture blend seamlessly together over an Ethiopian-brewed coffee, or a bowl of Senegalese black eyed pea stew with a side of spicy Ghanaian plantains. Teranga's current popular seasonal bowls include FU - FU (vegan and gluten free): Plantain & Red Palm Fufu with Mafe Sauce. ‘Ndambe’ Sweet Potato & Black Eyed Peas Stew over Attieke. YASSA, YASSA  (gluten free):Grilled Chicken topped with Yassa Sauce over Liberian Red Rice. ‘Kelewele’ Spicy Plantains. Black Eyed Peas Salad. THE JOLLOF (gluten free): Roasted Salmon topped with Moroccan Charmoula over Jollof Fonio. ‘Kelewele’ Spicy Plantains. Black Eyed Peas Salad. Available for delivery and pick up only, Tuesday through Sunday (12pm-8pm), Terenga is located in the heart of Harlem (1280 5th Avenue, Harlem NY). Orders can be placed here and is also available on Seamless, Caviar, and Uber Eats.

Founding Story

Some call it Senegal, others Sunugaal, and not too long ago, The Jollof Kingdom. Teranga Co-Founder & Executive Chef, Pierre Thiam, cultivated his culinary curiosity and passion for traditional African cuisine while growing up on the coast of West Africa where he was immersed and inspired by the rich and diverse culture. Rooted in traditional African home cooking that emphasizes African-grown ingredients, Teranga is a culinary journey into the depth, diversity, and deliciousness that the motherland has to offer. In Senegal, “Teranga” is perhaps the most highly regarded value. Roughly translated, it means “good hospitality.” In practice, Teranga reflects how one treats a guest — with open arms and a seat around the bo At Teranga, we are in constant conversation with tradition.  From the source to your bowl, Teranga is committed to serving authentic dishes from across Africa, and promoting sustainably-grown African ingredients. With 60% of the world’s farmlands in Africa, Teranga believes the continent will play a major role in shaping the world’s future food supply chain.  By buying organic, indigenous, and, often, climate change-resilient crops from smallholder farmers in Africa, Teranga provides a showcase for superfoods like baobab, fonio, moringa and red rice —  and has established itself as a major partner in the emergence of these small business owners.


Pierre Thiam

Founder, Chef

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Pierre Thiam is a chef, author, and social activist best known for bringing West African cuisine to the global fine dining world. He is the Executive Chef of the award-winning restaurant Nok by Alara in Lagos, Nigeria and the Signature Chef of the five-star Pullman Hotel in Dakar, Senegal. He is also the executive chef and co-owner of Teranga, a fast-casual food chain from New York City. His company Yolélé Foods advocates for smallholder farmers in the Sahel by opening new markets for crops grown in Africa; its signature product, Yolélé Fonio, is found in Whole Foods, Amazon, and other retailers across America. 

Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, Thiam’s cooking style is at once modern and eclectic, rooted in the rich culinary traditions of West Africa. His newest cookbook, The Fonio Cookbook, was published in October 2019. His first two cookbooks, Yolélé! Recipes From the Heart of Senegal and Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl were finalists for several awards including the Julia Child Cookbook Award, the Gourmand Award in Paris, and the James Beard Award for Best International Cookbook.