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Date Established 01/2008
Headquarters Berkeley, California
Press Contact Adrienne DeAngelo


Crush This
Crush This $7.99
Toffee Time
Toffee Time $5.99
Holy Fudge
Holy Fudge $5.99
Born Fruity
Born Fruity $5.99
Dark Duo
Dark Duo $5.99
Aww Nuts!
Aww Nuts! $5.99
Choco Latte
Choco Latte $5.99
Super Powder
Super Powder $7.99
Origins & Pairings Gift Box
Origins & Pairings Gift Box $35.99
Origins Gift Box
Origins Gift Box $35.99
Pairings Gift Box
Pairings Gift Box $35.99


TCHO Chocolate has been crafting award-winning and imaginative chocolate since 2008. The Berkeley-based chocolate maker collaborates directly with cocoa farmers at flavor labs across the world to grow better, more consistent cacao beans to create authentic craft chocolate. Like wine or coffee, cacao’s inherent flavors vary based on the terroir where it is grown, as well as on key processes, like fermentation or roasting, that influence the development of flavor.

In late 2021, TCHO introduced six new bars and announced its intention to go completely plant-based by 2023. With each bar of chocolate, TCHO aims to inspire the world’s chefs, hobby bakers, and chocolate enthusiasts, as well as produce the most sustainable and delicious chocolate possible.

Founding Story

Since not all cacao is created equal, TCHO established TCHO Source, a one-of-a-kind sourcing and educational partnership with farmers, co-operatives, and agronomists all over the world. By installing TCHO Flavor Labs in key cacao-producing locations, creating industry cacao sensory analysis standards, conducting sensory training, developing standardized fermentation and drying processes, improving infrastructure, and sharing information throughout the world of cacao, TCHO has turned its suppliers into co-creators.

From there, TCHO hand-selects every ingredient used to craft its award-winning chocolates for a great experience from first glance to last bite. TCHO’s professional line is used by top chefs around the country and includes TCHO Pro couverture, drinking chocolate, cocoa powder and roasted cocoa nibs. In late 2021, TCHO announced its intention to go completely plant-based by 2023.

Team Bios

Brad Kintzer is the Chief Chocolate Maker for TCHO Chocolate, the president of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, a board member of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund, a lover of all things science and food, and an appreciator of weird, fun facts. Prior to joining TCHO, Kintzer was chocolate maker and product developer at bean-to-bar chocolate pioneer, Scharffen Berger. He studied botany and environmental studies at the University of Vermont and spent months working on cacao farms throughout Latin America to better understand the diverse flavors found in cacao. As an expert taster and industry leader in cacao sensory analysis, he gets to nosh on all of his favorite treats like beer, spirits, cheese, coffee, ice cream, and of course...chocolate.  

Laura Sweitzer

TCHO Source Program Director

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Laura Sweitzer is the director of TCHO Source, TCHO’s unique program for addressing the large knowledge gaps among actors in the cacao to chocolate supply chain. In addition to working closely with TCHO’s suppliers, Sweitzer focuses on quality and flavor at every step in the sourcing and chocolate making process. Prior to joining TCHO in 2014, she spent five years working on coffee quality improvement projects in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Sweitzer grew up on a farm in the Midwest and is passionate about sustainability, equity, and exploring diverse flavors found in food.


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