Swoveralls Shaka Collection w/ Venice Beach Based Artist Featuring our Newest Product: The Towcho!
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July 25, 2022 - Swoveralls introduces their newest comfy collection featuring their first ever non-Swoveralls product! Partnering with Venice-beach-based artist Kevin Butler, Swoveralls has used Kevin's shaka and peace-inspired design as a print on a limited edition Swoveralls collection, and also as the inside hoodie lining on the brand's newest product - The Towcho™.

The Towcho™ is the passionate love child of a crazy soft hoodie and a luxury hotel-grade towel — you know, the kind that accidentally makes it into your bag home. It is perfect to lounge in at the pool, on the beach, or after a hard workout - really, it is the most ideal thing you can wear in any situation. With a little inside front pocket for your valuables, the Towcho™ is super comfy and super functional. Boo ya. We know what you're thinking — can you wear it with your Swoveralls? Oh, you betchya (This style is on preorder and is estimated to ship by 8/10).

This beautifully comfy and rad partnership was born the way most relationships are these days...on the internet. After sharing a mutual appreciation for each other's brand and vibe, Artist Kevin Butler and Swoveralls combined forces to bring a rad design to life on the comfiest thing ever.

About Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler is a dad, surfer, and artist located in Venice Beach California. He’s the creator of a series called #RadCarsWithRadSurfboards, The Bald Seagull, and the #peaceandshaka project. He’s done exhibitions in California, Hawaii, Japan, Portugal, British Columbia, and Canada.

He created this one-of-a-kind peace and shaka pattern specifically for this Swoveralls collab. YEW!

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