Swoveralls and Twisted Tea Announce Launch of New Limited Edition Merch The comfiest thing ever just got a little sweeter
Brand Logo Swoveralls dividng line Apr 29, 2022

April 29, 2022 - Spring has sprung in Swovie-land, and Swoveralls is celebrating with their sweetest collab yet. Twisted Tea and Swoveralls have joined forces to create a limited edition Twisted Tea-inspired tie-dye Swovie Shorts collection. Woo! Now available to shop on swoveralls.com.

The glorious sweatpants overalls combo paired with the perfect combination of refreshing real brewed iced tea, natural flavors, and an added twist have come together to create the limited edition Twisted Tea Swovie Shorts collection. Can you think of a comfier, more delicious combo? We couldn't either. The best part is…this collection features some special functionality for those that like to keep their beverages cold. The front bib pocket is lined with a performance neoprene fabric, creating a little koozie holder right on your chest.

Sweatpant overalls didn't exist, so Founder and Chief Swoveralls Officer Kyle Bergman decided to make them. The extremely comfortable and functional Swoveralls are made with sustainable resources and ethical manufacturing methods. Swoveralls donate 1% of top-line revenue to nonprofits that help the environment. Swoveralls provide the ultimate comfort experience while contributing to a greener future. 

Stay twisted this summer, the cool, comfortable way with Swoveralls and Twisted Tea!

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