New Product Launch: Rainbow Swoveralls In partnership with the Phluid Project
Brand Logo Swoveralls dividng line May 20, 2022

May 20, 2022 - Swoveralls is very excited and PROUD 🌈 to announce its most colorful product launch ever: The Limited Edition Rainbow Collection. Available in Swoveralls and Swovie Shorts and made with the original and best selling super soft fabric blend, this collection was intended to inspire and promote inclusivity for all.

Swoveralls is partnering with the Phluid Project on this limited edition collection. Swoveralls will be donating 10% of the proceeds from each sale to the Phluid Phoundation - a non profit supporting one of the most at risk of the LGBTQIA+, the homeless queer youth community, through a combination of global and grassroots level initiatives. The Rainbow collection is now available exclusively on and

About the Phluid Project.

Founded by retail veteran Rob Smith in 2018, The Phluid Project is the universe's first gender-free retail brand. Committed to making gender-free apparel and accessories available worldwide, The Phluid Project joined a movement committed to challenging the ethos of dated traditions that inhibit freedom and self-expression, embarking on a mission to improve humanity through not only fashion, but also community outreach, activism, and education. Partnering exclusively with brands whose products celebrate the non-binary, the Phluid Project is working to infuse the world with more empathy, equity, and compassion, to give all people a chance to explore and express their truest selves without fear, judgment, or the limits of traditional gender identification.

With unisex sizing, Swoveralls is designed for all. The extremely comfortable and colorful sweatpants overall combo are sustainably made with organic cotton and a recycled polyester blend. The Rainbow Collection also offers adjustable straps and 6 pockets (including a hidden inside zippered front pocket) for the ultimate comfort and functionality experience. Swoveralls is raising the bar for more love and inclusivity with the Rainbow Collection.

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